Jennifer Lawrence laughs off stunt that left her deaf for six days

The Hunger Games star jokes she’s a “genius” for giving the doctors a miss and leaving herself deaf after a water stunt

Jennifer Lawrence continues to surprise as she laughs off an injury that left her deaf in her left ear for six days during filming for Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire.


Yep, the kind of thing that’d have us rushing to A&E without a second though, old JLaw just laughs it off.

“We were doing a water stunt and I had to jump in this water with all these jets and then a jet went in my ear and I was deaf for like six days. I didn’t go to the doctor because I’m a genius,” Lawrence told Vogue.

The Oscar-winning actress says there are plenty more stunts in the latest instalment of the futuristic drama. Indeed, while Lawrence says she had a couple of fan-like ‘oh my god I can’t believe I get to do this’ moments filming the first movie, the second is definitely different. “The moments of ‘oh my god I can’t believe I have to do this’ are more like insane stunts,” she explains.

And while Lawrence clearly isn’t jumping into any killing-based societal rituals like her Hunger Games character, she admits there are similarities between Katniss Everdeen’s ordeals and her own early experiences of fame.

“I felt like Katniss and I had a lot in common. She had to go to the Capitol and put on these weird clothes and all of a sudden feels like a rag doll,” said Lawrence.

“Now she’s been there before and she’s kind of, like found a character that she can become to feel comfortable.”

Nevertheless, playing the part of a star-crossed lover from District 12 seemingly torn between her Hunger Games partner Peeta and hunting partner Gale hasn’t taught JLaw anything about true love.  

“Fortunately the Hunger Games taught me nothing about men and love. That’s just good old trial-and-error like anyone else,” said Lawrence.

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