Nigel Havers: I’ve done a few terrible films for the money

TV charmer admits that if he got precious and turned everything down, he’d never work again


Nigel Havers is a TV regular – and for good reason, he’s not ready to start turning parts down just yet.


“I’ve done a few terrible films for the money, like The Burning Season for Home Box Office,” Havers admits, adding, “This is a job after all, and you con yourself. I live quite well and if I got precious and turned everything down, I wouldn’t work again,” Havers tell Radio Times magazine (on sale Tuesday 16th July).

But Havers doesn’t think he’s in the big league, saying he “hasn’t made proper money – millions – like footballers and lawyers today”.

He’s even pretty disgruntled he wasn’t part of the phone hacking scandal.

“I’d love to have been on that list. I’m still hoping.

“I’m serious. I wouldn’t have minded in the slightest if they hacked into my phone. It’s a shame I wasn’t important enough,” Havers continues.

Recently a Coronation Street regular, starring as con man Lewis Archer, Havers has also had a bash at I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

He didn’t quite leave as King of the Jungle, bowing out after he refused to do a task where a wrong answer warranted an electric shock.

“That was a good acting performance of mine. I was never going to stay the whole time,” Havers jokes.


Read the full interview with Havers – who’s soon to star in BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are – in this week’s Radio Times magazine.