Neil Marshall, director of ‘Blackwater’, set to return to Game Of Thrones for another epic episode

The director will tackle an episode set at the Wall


Following his war epic ‘Blackwater’, director Neil Marshall is reportedly set to make a return to Game Of Thrones for a similarly grandiose episode in season four.


Marshall, known for 2002’s Dog Soldiers and his 2005 horror The Descent, has garnered a favourable reputation ever since his season two episode – depicting the battle of Blackwater – was hailed as one of best. And now, according to an Empire source, he’s set to tackle a violent event “at The Wall, with Mance Rayder.”

Warning: Spoilers for season four follow. If you’re not up to speed with A Storm Of Swords, then proceed at your own risk.

Adapted from the second half of A Storm Of Swords, it sounds as though Marshall will be tackling The Battle Of Castle Black: a Blackwater-esque sequence in which King-Beyond-The-Wall Mance Rayder leads his army of Wildlings and Giants against The Wall. It’s a huge event in the book and Marshall, who apparently is preparing the episode now for filming later in the year, sounds like the perfect fit.


Game Of Thrones’ fourth season will premiere on HBO in the first half of 2014. We are, of course, already excited.