David Domoney on Love Your Garden

We join 'the gardener's gardener' for a chat about series three of ITV's beloved horticultural show


Alan Titchmarsh, David Domoney and their trusty green fingered team have yet again been transforming spaces across the country into beautiful green plots. The first episode of Love Your Garden saw the crew visit Hurst Green, East Sussex, where they helped a pair of gardeners, who were struggling with a life threatening disease, transform their boring patch of grass into a beautiful space they could enjoy together. 


We catch up with David Domoney for the inside track on the rest of the show… 

The first episode was heartwarming, how are you going to match this level of emotion during the rest of the series, and what should we expect?

Expect spectacular gardens that invoke the real importance of outside spaces to the houses of the families that live in them. We have gone all over the country to find deserving families who have suffered illness and adversity and create for them open spaces to spend quality time.

The gardens are always a big challenge for the team and we have to overcome a totally different set of problems every week as the gardens come in different shapes and sizes, and there is a unique brief from every homeowner.

What was your favourite part of filming?

The emotion of seeing the first family and seeing what it means to them is really what this is all about, They were so appreciative and it was an immensely humbling experience.

What’s it like working with Alan?

Alan is one of the most experienced guys in the business; he is calm in the storm and has the experience to pull it all together.

What’s different about the gardens this year?

The scale and the ambition are much bigger this year. And they are really diverse. Some have slopes, some small, some large. This year we’ve really pushed the boat out, we’ve used huge cranes to install massive garden buildings, created ponds, Tuscan-style gardens, party areas and rockeries. The level of construction is far higher.

What can keen gardeners learn from the show?

Problem solving  and making small look gardens look bigger. Plant association and creating walkways, fencing, water features and ponds.

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What’s the most challenging project you’ve ever done?

It was on this series! Getting a huge garden building into a back garden. It took two cranes and it was touch and go whether we could do it and if it hadn’t come off, it would have been a disaster.

Which project are you most proud of in this series?

It’s not always the size of the garden that counts. The one I’m most proud of is a small garden with lots of facilities that enabled a lady with limited mobility to get right round her garden to share the whole space with her family. It involved a lot of hard landscaping but we came up with a great result.

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