Rick Stein’s India in pictures

In the chef's new BBC2 series he goes in search of the perfect curry, see his colourful travelling pictures here...


In BBC2’s new culinary travel show, Rick Stein’s India, the tele-chef searches the Indian sub-continent for spices, recipes and the very ingredients that make up our national dish – curry. 


Rick discovers some lesser-tasted treats in the places he visits, including the regal flavours of Rajasthan. He also experiences the temple and food hub of Tamil Nadu, house-boat hospitality in Kerala, and gourmet grub in Punjab. 

“No other food that I know gives the taste buds such a roller coaster ride long before you’ve even entered a restaurant,” said Rick. “No wonder we, as a nation, have taken this amazing multi-layered and multi-cultured food for our own.”

In the last show of the series Rick will put some of his new recipes to some Bradford curry experts, but how do they compare to our nation’s beloved chicken tikka masala?

See below for a sneak peek of Ricks adventures during the series.

Watch Rick Stein’s India at 9pm, June 17 on BBC2

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Images courtesy of BBC/Denham Productions/Arezoo Farahzad