Mating Season: Why Am I Still Single?

Can two strangers help each other to find love and happiness? That's the question being asked in Channel 4's new dating show...

Can someone you’ve never met help you uncover the exact reasons why you don’t have a partner? That’s the very question being asked in Channel 4’s new dating show Why Am I Still Single?


As part of the broadcaster’s Mating Season, the new series will see two strangers enter one another’s lives to explore the intimate details that make up a person, including behavioural patterns, emotional make-up and a no-holds-barred exploration of their relationship histories. 

The two strangers will speak to each other’s friends, families and exes, have unlimited access to email and social networking accounts – and even sleep in one another’s beds. Through a series of interviews they will get the chance to dsicover why relationships ended, explore hidden childhood details, read secret teenage love letters and even browse past drunken email exchanges. 


Following an intense scrutiny of one another’s lives, the pair will then meet and exchange their findings, revealing why they think the other person is still single and what actions they should take to set about finding a partner. We will then revisit the duo a few weeks later to see if the experience of sharing their lives and confronting their misgivings has helped them to make a change.