Armando Iannucci reveals details of The Thick of It series four

Show's creator explains that the new series will initially be split between two groups of politicians

Armando Iannucci has revealed that the focus of The Thick of It’s fourth series will initially be split evenly between government ministers and their rivals in opposition.


The show’s new series, which will begin airing on BBC2 this Saturday, sees Nicola Murray and Malcolm Tucker, the focal characters of series three, out of office and replaced at the fictitious Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship by the slimy, world-weary MP Peter Mannion and his new coalition colleague from a political party dubbed The Inbetweeners.

Iannucci took to Twitter earlier today to outline the structure of the new series, writing: “There are 7 episodes. Eps1 and 3 will be The Coalition, eps 2 and 4 will be The Opposition.

“The final 3 eps will see everyone come together, but Eps1 and 2 feature storylines that will come to dominate the rest of the series.”

He continued: “The story becomes continuous from episode 3 onwards. And finally, Peter Mannion will, at some point, shout…’I’m bored with this. I’m off for a Twix!’.”

The first clip of The Thick of It series four was released earlier this week, and the show is currently being trailed on TV as The Thick of It: Coalition.


Fans of creative swearing and sublime satire will want to tune in to BBC2 at 9:45pm this Saturday to see the first coalition-based episode of the series.