Amanda Abbington: Martin thinks I’m crazy for being on Twitter

Actress says her partner and fellow Sherlock star Martin Freeman doesn’t understand why she tweets but adds that using Twitter has a lot in common with her new role in BBC1 drama Cuffs

Actress Amanda Abbington is a bold and fearless Twitter presence, putting up with the occasional abuse that comes the way of all celebrities who use the social media network.


But she has admitted that her partner, Sherlock star Martin Freeman, thinks she is “crazy” for tweeting.

In an exclusive interview with, Abbington said: “Martin thinks I am crazy. He says ‘I don’t know why and how you do it. I could never do that.’”

However she has ignored the advice of Freeman, insisting that a presence on Twitter has a lot in common with her latest role in BBC1 drama Cuffs.

In the new series, Abbington stars alongside Top Boy’s Ashley Walters and Broadchurch’s Shaun Dooley. Her character, DS Jo Moffat, is a hard working detective with a lonely home life.

She said that playing the new part reminded her of being on Twitter in her real life. “It’s what police officers do all he time, they get hurled abuse all the time and they get lovely people as well. And it’s the balance. But you have to be brave enough to say ‘you don’t do that’.

“But I am 41 now and I am very secure on the knowledge that I have got my own loving family and I have got my parents and Martin’s there and I have got my two children. I am doing work I love so I can afford to be quite honest about stuff and if people don’t like it then that’s up to them. I am not going to shy away from bullies. I am not going to shy away from people who hide behind anonymity and feel it’s fine to say what they like on social media and I think you have no right to do that.

“I sort of know who’s doing it. I know what kind of people they are. In my day you would have kept that in a diary and kept that to yourself. You just have to cancel and continue.”

Abbington herself says that she feels confident she would never fall into the same trap that has befallen her character Jo Moffat and prioritise her work over everything else in her life.

“I would never let the work get in the way of looking after my children because that’s primary. But at the same time I still want to be an actress and I still want to work and it’s getting that balance right.”

Abbington has been busy, filming the upcoming Sherlock special which will air on New Year’s Day. The fourth series will begin filming in April.

How has she coped with the attention of the show and the autograph hunters who besiege the sets whenever Benedict Cumberbatch and Freeman are around?

“For the special, a few people were taking pictures. But it wasn’t that bad. But people just let us get on with it. I imagine if Cuffs becomes a successful show and we do another series there will be more people watching. That’s what happened with Sherlock. For the first series people weren’t interested and now it’s a mob that comes down. 

“You smile and chat to them and go and do your work because that’s what you are there for. You want to be pleasant and you want to be nice. Which we are and they are. Sherlock fans are incredibly loyal and well behaved.” 


Cuffs begins on BBC1 on Wednesday October 28 at 8pm