In a game all about subverting the law and doing crime, cheats would seem thematically appropriate for Mafia 3 – well, we’ve got the situation explained, as well as some secret hacks to help improve your game.


We’re sure developer Hanger 13 won’t mind, considering the game's vintage and the fact it may be hard at work on a theorised Mafia 4 (and potentially even a Mafia 5 – if rumours are to be believed).

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Until then, the world of New Bordeaux is ripe for exploitation by both the in-game crime bosses and our cheeky exploits to make things a little easier.

That’s quite enough malarkey from us, however! Read on and get the lowdown on 'cheats' and hacks in Mafia 3!

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Are there cheats in Mafia 3?

A shootout taking palce in a nightclub in Mafia 3
Mafia 3. 2K Games, Hanger 13, 2k Czech

No, not in the traditional sense anyway, but there are a few hacks and tricks to help you get by in New Bordeaux.

These include getting ammo for your arsenal of weapons, keeping your favourite car without having to nab it from someone else and being able to remove the limit on how much you can earn from your racketeering.

It is a shame that there aren’t any outright cheats to use, especially seeing as the game came out in 2016.

We’re sure most of us have fond memories of enabling every cheat under the sun in numerous Grand Theft Auto games over the years, so it’s a real pity we can’t repeat the act here.

Mafia 3 'cheats': All secret hacks to use

Lincoln Clay arguing with other characters in Mafia 3
Mafia 3. 2K Games, Hanger 13, 2K Czech

Below are what we believe to be the most useful hacks in Mafia 3 to give Clay a helping hand.

Free Ammo

Once you’ve helped Cassandra out with her rackets, an Arms Dealer van becomes available to request to resupply your ammo or buy new guns.

Resupplying your ammo doesn’t come free, though - unless you trick the game, that is. Though it doesn’t cost much to resupply, you can’t beat the lowly price of free!

Once the van arrives, interact with it and equip a different gun in the same slot as the one you want ammo for, then go back and re-equip your original gun and it will come fully stocked with ammo.

Keeping your stolen car

One of the most annoying things in any open-world game is when you finally find a car you really like, but as soon as you turn around the corner and come back – it’s gone.

If you find (steal) your automobile of choice, you can avoid this and not have to steal it all over again by driving it to a mission that has a cutscene. Once the cutscene is finished, the car will be parked nearby - and it won’t count as stealing it, either.

Unlimited racketeering money

As you progress through Mafia 3, you will eventually be on good terms with Vito, and this unlocks the ability to have a lackey go out and pick up your racket money for you rather than having to do the drudgery yourself.

This essentially does away with the limit on earnings, as you will be able to take the money out whenever you like!

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