If seeing Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny in cinemas has made you want to pick up LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, you'll want to know the full list of cheat codes in the game.


First released in 2008 for PC, Nintendo DS, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360 and even Mac, LEGO Indiana Jones does exactly what you would expect - retelling the first three movies in the franchise in a charming brick-based way.

With co-op gameplay and plenty of secrets to unlock, it proved to be a family-friendly treat for Indy fans.

And if you want to know how to cheat the game to get some cool stuff, including a playable Han Solo, read on!

How to use cheats in LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

To use cheats in LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, you need to head to the university's maths classroom and insert the relevant codes there.

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It's quite a simple system, so hopefully you shouldn't have any trouble bending the world to your whim in LEGO Indiana Jones. We've got the key info for you below, so you'd better keep reading.

How to get Han Solo in LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

If you've heard that it's possible to unlock Han Solo in the game, be aware that you'll need to complete a fair amount of leg(o)work first! You've got to collect some familiar-looking dolls.

You need to find the doll versions of C-3PO (he's in The Lost Temple during Raiders of the Lost Ark), R2-D2 (Desert Ambush in Last Crusade), Chewbacca (City of Danger from Raiders of the Lost Ark), Princess Leia (Free the Slaves in Temple of Doom) and Luke Skywalker (Into the Mountains in Raiders of the Lost Ark).

Once you've done all that, you should be able to buy Han Solo as a playable character by spending 100,000 studs at the in-game store. A small price to pay for Harrison Ford's other iconic hero!

If you get stuck at any point, the video below should help:

Full list of cheat codes in LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

The first set of LEGO Indiana Jones cheat codes you need to know about? That would be the character codes!

Use these digits in the maths classroom to add a number of recognisable characters to your collection:

  • Barranca - 04EM94
  • Belloq (Desert) - CHN3YU
  • Belloq (Jungle) - TDR197
  • Belloq (Priest) - VEO29L
  • Boxer - 8246RB
  • British Commander - B73EUA
  • British Officer - VJ5TI9
  • British Trooper - DJ5I2W
  • Captain Katanga - VJ3TT3
  • Chatterlal - ENW936
  • Chucin - 3NK48T
  • Colonel Dietrich - 2K9RKS
  • Colonel Vogel - 8EAL4H
  • Dancing Girl - C7EJ21
  • Desert Digger - 12N68W
  • Desert Enemy Officer - 2MK45O
  • Desert Masked Bandit - N48SF0
  • Desert Monkey Man - 3RF6YJ
  • Desert Soldier - 4NSU7Q
  • Desert Swordsman - 1MK4RT Donovan - 3NFTU8
  • Dr. Schneider (Desert) - JSNRT9
  • Dr. Schneider (Officer) - VMJ5US
  • Enemy Bazookaman - S93Y5R
  • Enemy Butler - VJ48W3
  • Enemy Communications Officer - 1MF94R
  • Enemy Guard - VJ7R51
  • Enemy Guard (Nepal) - YR47WM
  • Enemy Officer - 572E61
  • Enemy Pilot - B84ELP
  • Fedora - V75YSP
  • First Mate - 0GIN24
  • Grail Knight - NE6THI
  • Hovitos Tribesman - H0V1SS
  • Indiana Jones (Officer) - VJ85OS
  • Indiana Jones (Disguised) - 4J8S4M
  • Jungle Guide - 24PF34
  • Kaokan - WMO46L
  • Kazim (Desert) - 3M29TJ
  • Kazim (Venice) - NRH23J
  • Laoche - 2NK479
  • Maharaja - NFK5N2
  • Major Toht - 13NS01
  • Mola Ram - FJUR31
  • Pankot Assassin - 2NKT72
  • Pankot Guard - VN28RH
  • Punjabi Dignitary - KD48TN
  • Punjabi Village Elder - 4682E1
  • Sherpa Brawler - VJ37WJ
  • Sherpa Gunner - ND762W
  • Slave Child - 0E3ENW
  • Thuggee - VM683E
  • Thuggee Chatterlal - CNH4RY
  • Thuggee Priest - T2R3F9
  • Thuggee Slavedriver - VBS7GW
  • Willie (DJ) - VK93R7
  • Willie (Pajamas) - MEN4IP
  • Wuhan - 3NSLT8

Beyond that, the following cheat codes can also be used in the maths classroom to add some helpful items and features to your game:

  • Artifact Detector - VIKED7
  • Beep Beep - VNF59Q
  • Character Treasure - VIES2R
  • Disarm Enemies - VKRNS9
  • Disguises - 4ID1N6
  • Fast Build - V83SLO
  • Fast Dig - 378RS6
  • Fast Fix - FJ59WS
  • Fertilizer - B1GW1F
  • Ice Rink - 33GM7J
  • Parcel Detector - VUT673
  • Poo Treasure - WWQ1SA
  • Regenerate Hearts - MDLP69
  • Secret Characters - 3X44AA
  • Silhouettes - 3HE85H
  • Super Scream - VN3R7S
  • Super Slap - 0P1TA5
  • Treasure x2 - VM4TS9
  • Treasure x4 - VLWEN3
  • Treasure x6 - V84RYS
  • Treasure x8 - A72E1M
  • Treasure x10 - VI3PS8
  • Treasure Magnet - H86LA2

It's also worth noting that there are three bonus levels to unlock. To get them, you need collect each artefact in each film like so:

  • Ancient City - find every artefact in The Temple of Doom
  • Warehouse - find every artefact in The Last Crusade
  • Young Indiana Jones - find every artefact in Raiders of the Lost Ark

And that's your lot! As you can tell, there is a lot of treasure to be found if you dig deep enough into LEGO Indiana Jones. Indy would be proud.

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