Star Trek: Discovery season 2 filming begins

Saru actor Doug Jones announced the news with a teary head-shaving video

(Netflix, TL)

Trekkies, engage. The second season of Star Trek: Discovery has just blasted off as filming begins at Pinewood Studios in Toronto.


For actor Doug Jones, who plays Commander Saru in the sci-fi series, this required a great feat of self-sacrifice. He had to baldly go where he’d gone before by shaving off his hair to fit into his Kelpien prosthetics.

Star Trek star Jonathan Frakes – who will be directing two episodes of the upcoming season – also announced the news on Twitter, wishing the stars and producers well.

Interestingly, Wilson Cruz (who played Dr Hugh Culber, a character killed off by Ash Tyler’s inner-Klingon) also tweeted that he was struggling to fly to Toronto. Will the Doctor be beamed onto our screens once more? Perhaps chief engineer Stamets could find a form of the character in the mycelial network again?

Whether Culber returns or not is uncertain, but we know one character who will be in season two: young Spock. Earlier this month, Frakes revealed at El Paso comic-con that the Vulcan (originally played by the late Leonard Nimoy) will appear in a series of flashbacks. And he might appear alongside a younger Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), Spock’s adoptive sister.


No announcement has been made about the young Spock’s casting, but it would be highly illogical not to be extremely excited about it.