First Benedict Cumberbatch and otters now Ricky Gervais and cats

The Sherlock star has long had his looks compared to an otter, now the Derek star is getting a similar treatment

We’ve enjoyed comparing shots of Benedict Cumberbatch with photos of otters for some time now.


The Sherlock star knows it happens – he was shown them while being interviewed on The Graham Norton Show. Cumberbatch didn’t seem to have too much of a problem with it (it Beats that #Johnlock artwork, right?), although he was slightly worried that one of the otters was doing a better Sherlock pose than him.

But Cumberotters are old news. These days, the cool kids are comparing Ricky Gervais… to cats. There’s even a Twitter hash tag: #catsthatlooklikerickygervais.

Here are some of his fan’s favourites… 

The casual lean cat

Picture via @Russell_James 

The yes-we-really-hate-water cat

Picture via @chloooeyy

The model cat

Picture via @OliviaHeuts

The cute and innocent cat

Picture via @Hanarrgh 

The Brent dance-loving cat

Picture via @_SmoshBobOmb 

The isn’t life marvellous cat

Picture via @Hound1lookalike

The ‘Oh no, I think my face really has got stuck’ cat

Picture via @BenThackeray

Bravo internet. Bravo.