Why is the movie Elf not on TV this Christmas?

We've made the listings and checked them twice, but it's true: Will Ferrell's Elf is nowhere to be found on TV this Christmas


Even we’ll admit there’s something missing from this year’s Christmas Radio Times. We’ve looked all through this year’s schedules, and we can’t find it anywhere. Elf is not on TV this Christmas.


The festive favourite starring Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel is nowhere to be found in the TV listings this year – not on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 or even Sky Movies.

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It’s true: we’ll be Buddy-less in 2016. Last year, Elf was a key part of Sky’s offering, available on its special Sky Christmas channel and on demand. This year, they unfortunately don’t have the rights – the last time the movie had an airing on British TV was back in March. It hasn’t been seen since…

What about on demand, we hear you cry. Well, Elf is not available on Netflix, and on Amazon you can only rent or buy the film – it’s not included in a Prime subscription.

It’s not on Now TV, Sky’s no-contract service either. It’s available to rent or buy on iTunes and Google Play, but not on Sky Cinema’s on demand service.

In short? No Elf on TV this Christmas. Sorry.