The cool female X-wing pilot from Star Wars just joined Marvel’s Iron fist

Actress Jessica Henwick is teaming up with Game of Thrones' Finn Jones in the new Netflix series


When we spotted a female X-wing pilot doing her ‘thang’ in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens there were whoops of joy across the galaxy – and we’re sure the actress in question, Jessica Henwick, will have even more reason to celebrate right now because she’s just been cast in Marvel’s next big Netflix outing.


The Star Wars star joins Game of Thrones star Finn Jones (aka Ser Loras Tyrell), who stars as Daniel Rand, a man who as a child gained superpowers in a lost city called K’un-L’un after suffering tragedy. As an adult he returns home to New York and starts living as a superhero.

Fenwick will play Colleen Wing, a martial arts expert who runs her own dojo. In the comics she made her debut as one of Danny’s first friends after he left K’un-L’un and Marvel says Colleen will serve as an invaluable ally in the upcoming TV series.


And chances are the pair will have plenty to talk about on set, because Henwick’s been in Game of Thrones too – you might recognise her as Nymeria Sand.