The best (and worst) Doctor Who Tardis designs of all time

The Tardis has had more new looks than Madonna - but which design did we place as the best interpretation of the Doctor's motor?

For millennia, the Doctor has bumbled his way through space and time in the Tardis, officially the most wished-for sci-fi vehicle ahead of the Millennium Falcon, the Back to the Future Hoverboard and KITT from Night Rider (according to a survey we just did in our heads).


One of the reasons the Doctor’s ride has remained so popular is that it’s changed with the times almost as often as the man piloting it, with numerous designs over the years ranging from the basic original to victorian steampunk, medieval cathedral and organic chaos.

We here at have taken a look back at the Tardis’ headshots, and ranked our favourite interpretations of that acronymatic wonder for your reading pleasure – take a look back (and forward and sideways) in time below and see if you agree with our choices.

Honourable mention – Peter Cushing’s Tardis

This one doesn’t really count as it was from the non-canonical Dr Who and the Daleks movie starring Peter Cushing – but we couldn’t help but include it just for novelty value alone. More of a science lab than a Time Lord ship, this Tardis has not exactly stood the test of time.


Number 10: The Third Doctor’s Tardis from the Time Monster serial

If you ever wondered what would happen if the Doctor had to find a use for hundreds of upturned washing-up bowls and random flashing lights, here’s your answer. This redesign of the classic Tardis interior by Jon Pertwee’s Doctor was a bit of an eyesore and disliked by producer Barry Letts but luckily it only lasted for one serial – 1972’s The Time Monster – after which it was damaged in storage and had to be replaced.