BBC3 closure proposals: the Twitter reaction

Director-general Tony Hall's plans for BBC3 made Twitter Think and Laugh...

Details are beginning to emerge about what exactly BBC3 will look like if it closes and moves online next autumn.


Followers of this brave new digital world reacted – rather appropriately – to BBC director-general Tony Hall’s proposals on Twitter.

One of the key announcements was that the all-new BBC3 will be founded on two editorial pillars: Make Me Think and Make Me Laugh.

This did not go down well.

‘Laugh’ and ‘Think’ are just not how teenagers view content. Branding like that isn’t the answer to being ‘in touch with youth’ #BBC3

Details about how the channel will work online were scarce, but “gifs”, “streams” and – the scariest word of all – “budget” were mentioned.

Shows including Don’t Tell the Bride and Snog Marry Avoid are expected to be axed, with the focus instead on “harder-hitting” documentaries.

To help fill the gap, the BBC have announced they will set up a new BBC1 +1 channel.


Life, as ever in these situations, imitates art.