Made in Chelsea season 6: Will Spencer Matthews interrupt Louise and Andy’s reunion?

After dumping Stephanie, Spencer is convinced Louise still has feelings for him and informs Andy she has cheated on him in next week's episode

Just as Spencer Matthews bids goodbye to one girlfriend (farewell, Stephanie Pratt), it looks like he’s eyeing up another. And she’s no stranger to the puggy lothario – we’re just hoping and praying Louise Thompson doesn’t fall into the stranglehold of Mr Matthews once again. 


The pair shared plenty of screen time during tonight’s episode, meeting for a drink when Spencer decided to drop the not-so-shocking bombshell that he’d cheated on live-in girlfriend, Stephanie. “You should never be in a relationship again,” Louise barked at him before marching out of the bar.

Spenny, of course, interpreted this to mean she still had feelings for him – a theory he drunkenly shared with Louise’s ex, Andy, over a cosy black-tie dinner. “You’re not normal around her,” Andy informed a slurring Spencer, nostrils flaring.

But Mr Matthews’ comments appeared to strike a chord as it soon transpired that Andy had texted Louise telling her he loved and missed her. Her brother Sam wasted no time in telling Spenny whose side he was on: “I want Louise to get back with Andy because I want her to be happy.” Ouch. 

It wasn’t long before Andy sought out Louise’s company and after some gentle ribbing, she told him “I was pretty happy when I received those messages.” And despite admitting he was drunk when he sent them, Andy was all too willing to flirt right back: “You’re not that easy to get over,” he cooed. Could a reunion be on the cards? 

Not if Spenny has anything to do with it… Next week’s trail sees poor Andy hint at a reconciliation, before Spencer informs him of Louise’s past indiscretions. “She did sleep with that guy,” he says smugly, before telling his ex-girlfriend he did “rub off on her a little bit.” Meanwhile Louise is pictured in tears again as she confesses all to Andy who she later spies with a mysterious blonde ex of his own. We won’t get too excited just yet, then. 

Made in Chelsea continues on Monday at 10:00pm on E4