Homeland series 3: Brody suffers, Carrie cries and Saul says sorry in new trailer

Brace yourselves! We get a lot of new footage in a lengthy trailer for the new series of Homeland...


Brace yourselves, Homeland fans!


After being teased with thirty seconds of audio last week, we’ve finally been treated to a trailer we can really get our teeth into. With tears, apologies, oaths, explosions, struggles and gunfire, this three minute trailer gives us plenty to think about…

The clip begins with the closing minutes of the series two finale as Brody and Carrie say their goodbyes at the Canadian border, before some sombre music starts playing over images of Carrie, Quinn, Saul, Jessica, Chris and Dana dealing with the aftermath of the season’ explosive ending.

We see news clippings about ‘hero turned terrorist’ Nicholas Brody; Dana flicking through family photographs, being mobbed by the paparazzi and rolling out her father’s prayer mat; Carrie being handcuffed to a hospital bed; Saul swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth as a CIA trial begins; and Brody with a gunshot wound and a shaved head somewhere that isn’t America.

Phew. That’s a lot of new information. What can it all mean?


Here’s what we know about Homeland series three so far


Homeland will return to Channel 4 in early October