Jedward on their Weird Wild World

We get the lowdown on the twins' new show: "Jedward doing crazy things, with crazy clips and them re-enacting the crazy clips"

Hello, Jedward! It’s Radio Times here.
Me and John, our fans have Sky boxes full of Jedward things but they’re gonna need extra space because they’ll have to save this entire series. Some of them have every TV show we’ve been on. It’s cool that you guys tell them what’s coming on. Not everyone has Sky. The TV preview for this show would be: “Jedward doing crazy things, with crazy clips and them re-enacting the crazy clips.”


Edward! Where’s John?
John’s escaped from the hotel to go and buy clothes because we’re going to Sweden tomorrow.

I was wondering how I’d tell you apart on the phone.
Everything I say goes for John. But basically me and John have had a crazy year. We ran with the Olympic torch, that was insane. People were selling them on eBay for £200,000 but we kept ours. We had an album signing in Singapore, our album was number one there and they want to launch us in all different Asian countries because they really like spiky hair. It’s good that it only took me and John a week to record this TV show. Channel 5 were really excited because sometimes they give people clothes to wear, but me and John brought our own clothes. There was no dress code. Everything was totally crazy.

So what’s Jedward’s Weird Wild World like?
It’s really unpredictable. Me and John usually say the same things. We always say “cool”, and we always say “OK” a lot. But on this TV show we’ve learnt a lot of new words. The IQ was very intellectual.

Which new words did you learn?
I can’t remember. It was kind of like normal-people conversation. But we added bits here and there.

The press notes for the series promise it will be “jepic”. Which other words beginning with J have you invented?
Jed Power, jeadly, jawesome, jexy-and-I-know-it. If our fans are dedicated we call them jedicated. None of our fans are stalkers, they’re just really jedicated.  

On the cover of your Young Love album you were looking a bit jexier than previously. No quiffs.
The whole album tells a story and flat hair suited the songs better, it’s a more romantic album. Our last album, Victory, that was more pop, a Japanese kind of spiky hair. It’s cool that people have seen us with both hairs now.

Does changing your hair make it easier to go out without being recognised?
People always recognise us. I think it’s just a presence. When me and John walk into a room people feel the positive energy. They know it’s us. It’s not safe for us. We have code names for each other. I call John Paul. He calls me Philip. Sometimes I get lost when I’m shopping with John because we don’t walk parallel to each other. It’s too obvious, two people walking with skinny jeans. We have disguised clothes. They’re normal-people clothes. Checked shirts, baggy jeans and random, not-cool shoes. And we try not to walk fast: real laid-back, so people don’t know it’s us.

What are the funniest bits of Jedward’s Weird Wild World?
I remember this clip where some guy hurts his area, and me and John crack these walnuts. We say “THIS GUY’S GOT CRACKED NUTS!” and then we smash these nuts. And there’s this piano hanging out of a roof, and it kind of fell on John but it didn’t really fall on John. In another clip, John’s skateboarding. In another clip, there was this fake snow and we had to try to make it yellow but it never really worked. We were just like, “Don’t eat yellow snow!” In another clip John smashed me into a school locker. There was this crazy guy called Horace or something who was always trying to hurt himself – he’s on the show. All the clips with animals were really funny. We were in a cage and John was the tiger. You know the way Korean people smash their heads into things to make them strong? John hurt himself doing that. He wasn’t meant to do it fully, he was only meant to do it gently.

It sounds dangerous.
It was dangerous. But we had to do it to make our TV show the best TV show ever.

Would you and John ever consider working separately?
If we did that it would be kind of weird. It wouldn’t have as big an impact. But it’d be good if John did Asia and I did Europe and we took over the world.

Can your fans tell you apart?
When we play a concert, fans buy tickets for John’s side of the stage and for my side of the stage. There are John girls and Edward girls. Some people don’t know who they like so they don’t mind what side they’re on.

Jedward’s Weird Wild World has a lot of animal clips. Are you allowed pets at home?
We love pets. We’ve got a German shepherd, a Doberman, a Belgian Malinois, a tiny terrier dog, a cat called Armani and a parrot called Perez, as in Perez Hilton. The dogs are guard dogs. They all know German commands. If we want them to kill someone, they will.

The show also features a lot of embarrassing incidents. What’s your most embarrassing moment?
John was on stage during Ghostbusters and his zip broke. Our skinny jeans are so tight, the zips break on stage and we have to go off. One time for April Fools we pranked everyone that we got tattoos, and fans went out and got the same tattoo, and we said oh no, we didn’t get the tattoo, and people were left with all these tattoos.

Jedward’s Weird Wild World begins tonight on 5* at 10.30pm