Being Human series five commissioned

As BBC3's supernatural drama is handed a fifth season, will Lenora Crichlow be among the returning cast?




Following last night’s thrilling season finale, fans of Being Human will be pleased at the news that the supernatural drama series is returning for a fifth run – but sad to hear that Lenora Crichlow, aka Annie the ghost, will not be back from the dead.

Creator and executive producer Toby Whithouse announced that Michael Socha, who plays Tom the werewolf, and Damien Molony, Hal the vampire, will return – but a video blog posted this morning on the show’s official site confirms that Lenora Crichlow has filmed her final scenes as Annie.

Series four of Being Human began with the loss of two of its three central characters, Mitchell the vampire (Aiden Turner) and George the werewolf (Russell Tovey), with Socha promoted to a central role alongside Molony’s newcomer. Crichlow’s departure means series five will be the first not to feature any of the original trio.

Toby Whithouse said: “We’re thrilled that the audience have taken the new cast into their hearts with such enthusiasm and affection. We’re delighted to have this opportunity to expand the world further and explore new characters and tell new stories.”

Series four of Being Human premiered with 1.2 million viewers – the lowest for a season opener since it began in 2010 – and averaged around 950,000 across the run. BBC3 bosses were clearly convinced that a fifth series was worthwhile but have commissioned six rather than eight episodes.

The channel’s controller, Zai Bennet, said: “In Being Human, Toby has created an extraordinary, funny, touching, supernatural world and I’m thrilled to be bringing it back for a fifth series.”


Watch the video below to hear Toby Whithouse and Lenora Crichlow discuss Annie’s departure and see Lenora film her final scene…