I Kissed a Girl, the UK’s first ever dating show for girls who like girls, has kicked off on BBC Three.


Following the same format as the 2023 BBC show I Kissed a Boy, the new all-female version matches up an initial-line up of 10 queer, lesbian and bisexual girls, who all meet for the first time with a kiss.

Episode 2 also introduced the first new girl into the Masseria – and she certainly caused a stir as she set her sights on multiple girls – as well as teasing the entrance of a further three cast members in episode three, which is set to land this Sunday (12th May).

So, who are the singles hoping to find their perfect match on I Kissed a Girl, which sees the return of host Dannii Minogue, as well as the addition of voiceover by TikTok star Charley Marlowe?

As she show continues on BBC iPlayer, here's everything you need to know about the cast.

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I Kissed a Girl cast


I Kissed a Girl cast member Cara. She is wearing a blue bandeau top and matching trousers with a silver belt. Her arms are placed behind her, with one of them filled with tattoos.
Cara on I Kissed a Girl. BBC/Two Four

Age: 25

From: Ballycastle, Northern Ireland

Job: Support worker / Aesthetics

Cara admits that she has her walls her up when it comes to relationships and is hoping that I Kissed a Girl will help her let her guard down.

Known of her sense of humour and sense of humour, there is never a dull moment with Cara around, and the 25-year-old is proud of people knowing where she has come from in life.

"Coming from a small town in Northern Ireland, the rare chance to be in an environment exclusively full of queer women was an opportunity of a lifetime," she said of her time on the series.


I Kissed a Girl cast member Demi. She is crouched down next to a swimming pool and is wearing a white vest top and green skirt.
Demi on I Kissed a Girl. BBC/Two Four

Age: 23

From: Hemel Hempstead

Job: Publishing executive

A self-professed "lover girl", Demi tends to gravitate towards people and pays attention to their "vibes" rather than looks.

Demi lives with her family in Hemel Hempstead and coming out had its challenges. The 23-year-old is very close with her mother but her father is very traditional and she says he found it difficult to accept.

Speaking of her time on the show, Demi said she was able to be "one hundred per cent unapologetically" herself and was bale to experience "being part of a close-knit queer community".


I Kissed a Girl contestant Abbie
Abbie on I Kissed a Girl. BBC/Two Four

Age: 24

From: Brighton

Job: Make-up artist and hair stylist

Abbie is looking to find a girlfriend who will treat her like a princess and jokes that she would love to be a WAG one day.

Growing up, Abbie came out to her family when she was 12 years old, and it was a grandad who was her biggest ally and supporter.

Speaking of her time on the show, Abbie said she loved how "comfortable" she felt around the girls, and that she allowed herself "to be vulnerable in conversations around sexuality".


I Kissed a Girl contestant Amy. She is wearing a floral red blouse and is resting her hand on a wall. She is red hair and is smiling ahead.
Amy on I Kissed a Girl. BBC/Two Four

Age: 24

From: Surrey, living in London

Job: Social media manager

Funny and flamboyant, Amy has been single for three years and is beginning to feel like she has been "left on the shelf". A hopeless romantic, Amy wants to find a "princess" in the Masseria that she hopes she can take home and live happily ever after with.

Amy had feelings about her sexuality at 13 years old, but didn't find the confidence to come out to her family until she was 21.

"I can only imagine the sense of validation and belonging that me and my sisters would have felt had we had this kind of representation on our telling growing up," Amy said.


I Kissed a Girl cast member Fiorenza. She is wearing a white t-shirt, a black over shirt and trousers. Her hand is resting on a wall and is stood in front of a door.
Fiorenza on I Kissed a Girl. BBC/Two Four

Age: 22

From: Glasgow

Job: Drummer for Uninvited

Chef by day and drummer by night, Fiorenza is a real "softie" and admits that she falls fast and loves hard. She is hoping to find her perfect match in the Masseria.

"I'm very proud to be a part of the show, especially the first season for the girls," Fiorenza said. "It should have existed years ago. We need more representation for lesbian relationships."


I Kissed a Girl cast member Georgia. She is sat down and is wearing a black vest top and pink two-piece. She has her hair in a ponytail with a strand over her face as she smiles ahead.
Georgia on I Kissed a Girl. BBC/Two Four

Age: 28

From: Hunmanby, North Yorkshire

Job: Professional footballer

Georgia is a professional footballer and has played the beautiful game since she was eight years old. Having played for Sheffield united Women FC, Durham Women's FC and Rugby Borough Women's Football Club, dating has had to take a backseat.

The 28-year-old is looking to meet a girl who has her own ambitions and who understands that football is a big part of her life.

Georgia said I Kissed a Girl is "incredible representation" and is "so glad" she had the chance to be a part of it.


I Kissed a Girl cast member Meg. She is wearing a pink and grey bandeau top and matching trousers. Her hands are in her pocket and she is looking ahead.
Meg on I Kissed a Girl. BBC/Two Four

Age: 24

From: Goole, West Yorkshire

Job: Fire breather

Dancer and fire-breather, Meg is known for her funky style and love of tattoos. The 24-year-old travels the world performing at events, but is looking for "someone who can match her energy, someone with a good heart and someone who would never make her feel second best".

Meg teased she will "definitely be bringing some heat to the show".


I Kissed a Girl cast member Naee. She is wearing a white t-shirt and multicoloured over shirt. She is smiling ahead and is stood in the middle of a courtyard.
Nae on I Kissed a Girl. BBC/Two Four

Age: 25

From: London

Job: Engineer

Naee works as an engineer and wants to be successful so she can take care of her mother, who suffers from osteoporosis and fibromyalgia.

Naee is proud to "represent masculine-presenting women of colour", noting that people "don't see a lot of us on TV".

"Viewers can expect their heads to be glued to the TV," Naee teased of I Kissed a Girl.


I Kissed a Girl cast member Priya. She is wearing a purple two-piece and is resting her hand on a wall. She has long dark hair that falls on her shoulders.
Priya on I Kissed a Girl. BBC/Two Four

Age: 23

From: Newport, South Wales

Job: Hotel customer service

Priya is proud to represent her heritage and the South Asian community on I Kissed a Girl; a show that "embodies love, diversity and being unapologetically queer".

Priya admittedly has a habit of falling fast for girls and is trying to learn to take things at a slower pace.


I Kissed a Girl cast member Lisha. She is wearing a white vest top and tartan patterned trousers. She is smiling and has one arm resting down and another on her neck.
Lisha on I Kissed a Girl. BBC/Two Four

Age: 22

From: Caernarfon, Wales

Job: Psychology undergraduate

Lisha grew up in Bangor in Wales and is currently studying for her postgraduate degree. She has played football from a young age but hung up her boots to focus on her studies.

Lisha hopes I Kissed a Girl will help others "have the courage to come out and be true to themselves".


I Kissed a Girl cast member Eva. She is wearing a blue halter neck tp and white trousers. She is marking a heart sign with her fingers and is pouting as she looks ahead,
Eva on I Kissed a Girl. BBC/Two Four

Age: 22

From: Belfast

Job: Fashion graduate

Eva is the first new girl to enter the Masseria and certainly ruffles some feathers when she does.

A self-admitted flirt, Eva says she cannot help it because she is a Gemini. The 22-year-old is planning on having an amazing summer "surrounded by fit girls" on I Kissed a Girl.

I Kissed a Girl premieres on Sunday 5th May on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer.


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