The first season of I Kissed a Girl is finally here and BBC Three are taking us to a brand new Italian Masseria for a summer of love.


Dannii Minogue is back playing Cupid as 10 singles in the hopes of finding their dream person but Minogue isn't the only one watching what goes down in the Masseria.

Along with a new series comes a new narrator and doing the voiceover this time round is none other than TikTok star Charley Marlowe.

Known for her hilarious videos on social media, we're sure Marlowe will inject further fun into the anticipated series as the events of I Kissed a Girl play out on screen.

But who is Charley Marlowe? With the reality series now airing, here's everything you need to know about the new narrator.

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Who is Charley Marlowe?

Charley Marlowe is a comedian and presenter, best known for her viral and hilarious videos on TikTok, from which she rose to prominence.

Her videos range from POVs, Days in the Life and comedy skits, which have gained hundreds of thousands of views.

She also has a hand at interviewing, having recently interviewed Sebastian Croft and Charithra Chandran.

Charley will be the new narrator for I Kissed a Girl, with Layton Williams stepping back from narrating duties as he felt it would be more appropriate for a queer woman to narrate the series.

What has Charley Marlowe said about narrating I Kissed a Girl?

The cast of I Kissed a Girl. They are all sat down on sofas, looking around at each other.
The cast of I Kissed a Girl. BBC/Two Four

Charley had "the most incredible time" narrating I Kissed a Girl, admitting it has been a "dream job".

Speaking of voicing the series, Charley said: "Not only getting to voice over a show, which is something I've never done before, but the show being the queerest thing I've ever seem... double whammy!

"We would record a couple of episodes at a time so I was drip fed the drama, and each week I was absolutely gasping for the next one, the cliff hangers are brilliant. If I'm honest it still hasn't sunken in that so many people are going to hear my voice... even though it's nothing different to what I already do, really!"

Teasing what viewers can expect, Charley revealed that there is going to be drama! "As much as we love it when everyone gets along, and argument is always going to hook us in," she said.

"Which is exactly what this series does. Shock revelations, mass amounts of snogging (which made me realise I'm more of a prude than I thought) and lesbians being lesbians. It's got it all!!"

Is Charley Marlowe on Instagram?

Yes! The social media star has over 100,000 followers on Instagram and you can follow her @charleymarlowee on Instagram.

Is Charley Marlowe on X/Twitter?

No. Charley currently doesn't have an X (previously known as Twitter) account.

Is Charley Marlowe on TikTok?

She sure is! With over 500,000 followers and 32.6 million likes, the 23-year-old can be found on TikTok via her username @charleymarlowe.

I Kissed a Girl premieres on Sunday 5th May on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer.


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