The Killing: knit your own Sarah Lund jumper

The knitting pattern to make a Killing tribute sweater...

For fans of Danish crime drama The Killing, detective Sarah Lund’s famous sweaters have become as well loved as the dogged cop herself.


As The Killing II begins on BBC4, we have instructions on how to knit your own jumper based on the latest addition to Lund’s wardrobe.

Click here for your printable Killing knitting pattern, then follow the steps below…


Design inspired by the red sweater Sarah Lund wears in The Killing II. The sweater is worked in rounds.

Size: S (M) L (XL) Chest measurement (sweater): 89 (97) 106 (115) cm

Length from shoulder: 60 (61) 62 (63)cm

Materials: Scarlet King Cole Merino Blend Aran wool or similar

Yarn amount: 13 (13) 15 (18) balls Scarlet King Cole Merino Blend. (Yarn amount might differ when alternative quality is used)

Needles: Circ needles 4mm and 41/2mm (both 80cm). Circ needles 4mm and 41/2mm (both 40cm). Set of DPNs 4mm and 41/2mm

Tension: 18 sts and 24 rows measure 10 x 10cm in stocking stitch knitted on 41/2mm needles

Note: Always work a tension swatch and check. Change needle size if necessary


With longer 4mm circ needle cast on 172 (188) 208 (224) sts

1. round: *K2, P2*, repeat *—*. Join, being careful not to twist sts. Cont ribbing till hem measures 5cm. Change to 41/2mm circ needle and stocking st, on first round decreasing 12 (12) 16 (16) sts evenly = 160 (176) 192 (208) sts. When work measures 35cm (from cast on), divide into back and front. Beg of round is on left side of body. Divide with 80 (88) 96 (104) sts for the back and same number for the front. Leave fronts sts and knit back first, shaping armhole

Back: Knit 2 rows and cast off 4 (4) 5 (5) sts in both sides, in beg of row. Remain 72 (80) 86 (94) sts, leave sts on needle

Front: Cast off and knit in the same way as for back. Leave work


Cast on 48 (48) 52 (52) sts on 4mm DPNs and work 5cm rib (K2, P2), as for body. Change to 41/2mm DPNs and stocking st. Mark first st and last st on round (= underside of arm) with different coloured length of yarn, carry marker up while working. Knit first round while decreasing evenly to 42 (42) 44 (46) sts. Knit 7 (6) 5 (5) rounds more, then beg increasing under arm at next round.

Increasing: Knit up 1 extra st on both sides of the 2 marked sts at beg of round.

Increase this often for the four different sizes: Increase on every 8th round (alt 7th and 8th round) alt 6th and 7th round (every 6th round, totally 10 (12) 14 (15) times = 62 (66) 72 (76) sts. Change to short 41/2mm circ needle when possible. Continue knitting straight up till sleeve measures 45cm. Cast off 8 (8) 10 (10) sts for armhole (symmetrical at beg and end of round) = 54 (58) 62 (66) sts. Leave sts on spare needle and knit next sleeve in the same way.


Gather all pieces using the longer 41/2mm circ needle: Knit 72 (80) 86 (94) sts from back, place marker, then knit 54 (58) 62 (66) sts from one sleeve, place marker, knit 72 (80) 86 (94) sts from front, place marker, then 54 (58) 62 (66) sts from second sleeve, place marker = total 252 (276) 296 (320) sts.

Raglan: Beg raglan decrease at all 4 joints on next round: K1, k2tog, *knit till 3 sts remain before next marker, skpo, k2, k2tog. Repeat from * at next two markers and finish round when 3 sts remain with skpo, k1. Cont decreasing this way on every second round another 4 (5) 6 (7) times = remain 212 (228) 240 (256) sts. Knit 1 round adjusting number of sts till 208 (224) 240 (256) sts by decreasing 4 (4) 0 (0) sts — only decreasing on front and back, not sleeves! Knit 1 round.

Pattern: Knit all 23 rounds as shown on chart. Now 182 (196) 210 (224) sts remain since some sts were decreased in chart.
Cont decreasing all around yoke in the same positions. Next round: *K12, k2tog*, repeat *—* all the way round. Knit 1 round without decreasing.

Next round: *K11, k2tog*, repeat *—*.

Cont decreasing this way on every second round (there will be 1 st less between the k2tog at every decrease round). Work totally 6 (6) 6 (7) decrease rounds = 104 (112) 120 (112) sts remain.

Neckband: Change to 4mm circ needle (40cm) and work 4cm rib (K2, P2).

Note for size L only: Regulate st number to 112 sts by decreasing 8 sts evenly on the first round of ribbing. Cast off all stitches.


Carefully press work on reverse side with a damp cloth between knitting and iron. Sew up the opening in armholes. Weave in all loose ends.

Star pattern should be knitted in purl (or a contrasting knit stitch).


alt (alternately), beg (beginning), circ (circular), cont (continue), DPNs (double-pointed needles), K (knit), k2tog (knit 2 sts together), P (purl), st(s) (stitch(es)), skpo (slip, knit, pass over (slip next st, knit the following st, then pass slipped st over knitted st))

Killing jumper prize courtesy of Gudrun & Gudrun of the Faroe Islands

The sweater worn by Sarah Lund in the first series of The Killing was supplied by Gudrun & Gudrun of the Faroe Islands, who have kindly donated an original version of the garment worth EUR 280.00. Handknitted with 100% organic wool, this traditional sweater is their bestselling item ever and is a favourite not only of Sarah Lund, but Danish supermodel Helena Christensen, who has been seen wearing it on several occasions.

To find out more about the company, or to purchase your own original Sarah Lund jumper, visit the website. Men’s and women’s sizes available.

Knitting kits courtesy of Deramores


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