LEGO City Undercover first dropped on the criminally under-appreciated Wii U back in 2013, but it's since been ported onto Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC.


The story of police officer Chase McCain was actually a decent release, with its fun gameplay and trademark LEGO humour. The pop culture references to The Shawshank Redemption and The Matrix were very welcome, too.

If you never got the chance to play it, we recommend giving it a go.

If you have played it, have you ever played it with cheats? While not for everyone, cheats can give a game twice the replay value – and help you out of a few tight situations if you're stuck.

We'll share all the LEGO City Undercover cheats just below!

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How to use cheats in LEGO City Undercover

Before we get started, you'll need to know what to do with the codes...

To use the cheats in LEGO City Undercover, simply pause the game and go to the Extras menu. Once you're there, you should see the option to punch the codes in. No brainer!

Full list of LEGO City Undercover cheat codes

Now for the codes themselves. Are you in the Extras menu? Good. Type in the following codes to achieve the desired cheat!

  • Baseball Player - YCMWKP
  • Chan's Drakonas - DWJVCT
  • Roman Soldier - WRSKVC
  • Ninja - FHSZYG
  • Classic Alien - CQSZBJ
  • Relocator vehicle - VZHHDM
  • Disguised Natalia Kowalski - HVGTPG
  • Gorilla Suit Guy - XKGZVJ
  • Karate Guy - MRPHVQ
  • Minotaur - SSVKCT
  • Pharaoh - NRRXYM
  • Pop Star - CNCNRH
  • Racecar Driver - MHHRHM
  • Samurai Warrior - RJYZHC
  • Soccer Player - SYFMWJ
  • Werewolf - GYSTQP
  • Drakonas vehicle - DWJVCT
  • Bonus mission one - 3D74QF9
  • Bonus mission two - 3GCC7XR

The cheats are yours to use as you please! Either finish the game the honourable way first, then mess about... or just have fun with them from the start.

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