Fortnite fans have been taking a trip down memory lane recently on the original Fortnite map and its battle pass with classic loot.


And to keep up with it all, we've got the Fortnite Season OG schedule.

Epic aren't just unvaulting the one season, as each week of the month will see the return of an iconic moment of Fortnite Chapter One history.

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We'll be taking a look at all the key dates of what Epic are calling 'Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG' and when the next update will drop.

Epic has just revealed what what will be included with Season Six of Fornite OG, too.

Read on and party like it's 2018!

Fortnite Season OG schedule: When to expect next map changes

Here's the schedule that will define your life for the next month as Fortnite Season OG rolls back the years:

  • Done — The original Season 5 became playable again on 3rd November
  • Out now — Season 6 arrived in-game on Thursday 9th November
  • Thursday 16th November — Content inspired by Seasons 7 and 8 will be added
  • Thursday 23rd November — Content inspired by Seasons 9 and X will be added
  • Saturday 2nd December — Fortnite Season OG is expected to end

Below you'll find exactly what Epic has teased about all of these upcoming updates and when they'll arrive in the UK.

What time will the Fortnite map change again in the UK?

The 9th November update occurred at around 2pm GMT, with that timing keeping in line with previous 'hotfix' updates from the past.

Going forward, we'd hope to see the Thursday 16th November and Thursday 23rd November updates going live at a similar time. Somewhere between 1pm and 3pm, from a British time zone perspective, is pretty standard for this kind of thing.

Epic sneakily announced that the latest update had gone live on X (formerly Twitter), posting the teaser below and confirming that Kevin the Cube is now back in the game.

We've got more details on the updates ahead if you keep on scrolling down this article!

Done! The original Season 5 returned

It all began on Friday 3rd November with update v27.00, which turned back time and brought the original season 5 map back into the game.

Epic said: "Drop back onto Tilted Towers and take up weapons, Traps and vehicles that were present in the original Season 5!

"Thrill rides are back with the unvaulted Shopping Cart and All Terrain Kart, and the Damage Trap, Grappler and Boogie Bomb make an explosive return among other weapons."

Out now! Hotfix v27.00 launched Season 6 content on 9th November

The next Fortnite update landed on Thursday 9th November, officially designated the v27.00 Hotfix, updating the game's current map with throwback items and upgrades from the original Season 6.

Epic teased: "Darkness Rises again in Loot Lake! Frights and delights from Season 6 are back, including the Quadcrasher, Mounted Turret, Six Shooter, Chiller Trap and more."

16th November: v27.10 brings back Seasons 7 & 8

And then, on Thursday 16th November, update v27.10 will arrive and bring back content from Season 7 and Season 8 of the OG Fortnite.

As Epic puts it, "Pol-arrrr temperatures and swashbuckling gear are back! Strike with the X-4 Stormwing and Pirate Cannon, dig up unvaulted Buried Treasure and more in a snow biome and pirate camps from Seasons 7 & 8."

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23rd November: v27.11 concludes with Seasons 9 & X

Finally, on Thursday 23rd November, update v27.11 will arrive and thrust players into a recreation of Season 9 and Season X. This, it seems, will be the final form of the OG Fortnite experience, before Season OG ends.

Epic has teased this update like so: "Finish Fortnite OG strong with Seasons 9 & X weapons and items like the Proximity Grenade Launcher, Air Strike, Junk Rift and more.

"Also, defy natural order with the Storm Flip and the futuristic Jetpack from Season 9’s The Final Showdown event!"

When does Fortnite Season OG end?

It seems to be widely stated that Fortnite Season OG will end on 2nd December 2023, so you have until then to have all the retro fun you want.

The Fortnite Big Bang event is scheduled to go live on 2nd December, with Epic describing this as "a new beginning" for Fortnite.

After that, it'll be interesting to see what Epic does! It would be cool if they left the OG map in the game as an optional mode alongside the modern version, but only time will tell if that actually happens.

We'll bring you more on OG Fortnite as we hear it!

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