Old is new. And new is old. This is the new world of Fortnite. The battle royale behemoth has reverted back to its original map with many returning weapons and fan-favourite locations now materialising.


Not only has this proved popular with long-term players, but Fortnite has seen an influx of newcomers with more than 44.7 million players jumping into the game on launch – resulting in the busiest day on record for the game. This doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon with fans now campaigning on social media for the OG map to become permanent in some capacity.

But what is the Fortnite OG map? And why is everyone so interested in its comeback? To answer this burning question, we've collated all the necessary information in one place to explain exactly what the old Fortnite map is as well as all the key points of interest that you need to know about. Head below for all the details.

Fortnite OG map explained: When and why did it come back?

The rumour mill actually began on 10th October when Epic posted an image of villain Kado Thorne standing in front of a time travel machine. Just above the machine is a display with the date "2018 07 12" – this is the first day that Chapter 1 Season 5 of Fortnite rolled out under the name Worlds Collide. It would seem that history was repeating itself…

Rumours then intensified further when known leaker Hypex shared (via X, formerly Twitter) that a "reliable source" claimed Chapter 1 would return in Season 5 as a result of the time machine breaking. It would then cycle through the various seasons for a month, with different weapons from the early days of Fortnite coming back, too.

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After weeks of speculation, Epic Games officially announced that the Fortnite OG map would be returning on 3rd November 2023. And lo and behold, fans' wishes did come true on that date!

It was subsequently confirmed that 'Fortnite Season OG' will see Fortnite journey through its history, so expect its many different map variations to show up in the coming weeks.

"Each major update will bring a different phase of battle royale’s past," said Epic as part of the announcement.

Fortnite OG map overview: Key points of interest to know

Fortnite OG map

The useful diagram above, created by Fortnite.GG, displays all of the various points of interest on the OG map (as it currently appears in the game). These include:

Dusty Divot – a crater and a Dusty Depot with an abandoned government research base

Fatal Fields – a stable, corn fields, a river and a farmhouse in the centre

Flush Factory – a large factory that makes toilets

Greasy Grove – lots of colourful houses, a gas station, an outdoor equipment store and a Tacos restaurant

Haunted Hills – a cemetery with sheds, tombstones, a haunted castle and a church

Junk Junction – heaps of scrap metal, demolished buildings and abandoned cars

Lazy Links - a country club with a tennis court and pool

Lonely Lodge - a forested area with woodsheds, a watchtower, canyons and a stream

Lucky Landing – an Asian-inspired area with a pink cherry blossom tree in the centre

Snobby Shores – a Viking-themed neighbourhood with pools and a villa

Paradise Palms – a tropical paradise city with palm trees, a pool and a hotel

Pleasant Park – a suburban area with eight houses, a park, a football field, a gas station, a gazebo, trees and more

Retail Row – a retail park with some residential houses

Risky Reels – a theatre with a ticket booth, projectors, playground, cars and more

Salty Springs – a small village with houses, a petrol station and hills

Shifty Shafts – a small mine with houses

Tilted Towers – a built-up area with lots of high buildings

Tomato Temple – a stone temple covered in moss and vines with bowls of tomatoes scattered

Wailing Woods – a forested area with a bunker, hedge maze and underground research facility

When will the Fortnite OG map change to Season 6?

Fortnite update today v27

Fortnite is currently on Chapter 4: Season OG, which kicked off on November 3rd and is expected to end on December 2nd 2023.

This particular season is rushing its way through the original Season 5, Season 6, Season 7, Season 8, Season 9 and Season X that appeared as part of the first Chapter. It's a little confusing, we admit.

Essentially, the Fortnite OG map is now in Season 5 and it will transfer into Season 6 from 9th November. Check out our Fortnite Season OG schedule page to see when the next changes are coming after that!

Fortnite is available across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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