Coronation Street: Tracy left fighting for her life in shock new storyline, reveals Kate Ford

A kidney infection will put Tracy on the critical list


Tracy Barlow is to be left at “death’s door” when she’s hospitalised with a kidney infection. And actress Kate Ford has revealed that many of Tracy’s nearest and dearest will turn their backs on her during this severe health crisis.


“Tracy only has the one kidney and when she gets an infection, she thinks that everyone will be there for her. But they aren’t,” says Ford. “She realises that she’s pushed everyone too far. Even her daughter Amy, who she took for granted, doesn’t want to know. Amy says, ‘I’ve seen good mothers and you’re not one of them’.”

Toxic Tracy will be seen next week trying to ruin Carla’s wedding day and making herself even more unpopular in the neighbourhood as a result. But when Tracy’s health starts to fail thanks to problems with her kidney, she finds that only Ken will show support.

“Even though Ken has been pushed too far, he does go and see her at the hospital – she is his daughter after all and she is at death’s door,” continues Ford. “Since Deirdre died, I feel that Ken and Tracy have become closer. And I do love Bill Roache, so it’s always nice to have scenes with him.”

So will this medical trauma be a turning point for Tracy? “What I don’t want to happen is that she just finds another enemy. It’ll be nice for her to do something else for a while. And it is a different Tracy that you’ll be seeing post-this.

“She realises that she’s cut off everybody. The health issue makes it difficult for her to be so conniving. So we won’t be seeing as much of that in the future.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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