Avengers: Infinity War is SO secretive that Tom Holland doesn’t know who he filmed his fight scene with

We're all for keeping plot details secretive, but this is ridiculous


If there’s one person we thought would know more than us about what goes on in Avengers: Infinity War, it’s Tom Holland.


And yet it turns out that even the Spider-Man: Homecoming actor isn’t trusted to know the finer details of the plot – so much so that he’s filming scenes where he’s not got a clue who he’s fighting.

Instead, he’s been doing battle with a load of balls.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1, Holland said: “The airport scene was just me and a load of tennis balls. I didn’t get to meet anyone apart from Chris Evans. I had to do a fight scene with him and everyone else was just tennis balls.

“It was funny, I met all of the Avengers really for the first time on the red carpet,” he added, explaining that he’s not been allowed to know any details of the characters he’s fighting.

“They’re like, ‘Well, you’re fighting this person.’ ‘What does he look like?’ ‘Well, we can’t tell you because if we tell you, you’ll know who it is,'” explained Holland. “‘Yeah, but what does he sound like?’ ‘We can’t tell you that, because that would give away who he is.’ I’m trying to act with a tennis ball and I don’t know what the person looks like.”

It’s good to know that huge Hollywood blockbusters are filmed in exactly the same way as our year 8 drama classes were taught.

What we do know is that in the movie, Robert Downey Jr reprises his role as Iron Man alongside Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange), Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk) and many more.


Avengers: Infinity War is released in 2018.