Neighbours screens Sarah Beaumont comeback scenes

Karl was seen tending to his old flame in scenes just broadcast on Channel 5


Sarah Beaumont (Nicola Charles) has been revealed to be among the injured at the Lassiter’s hotel explosion.


Medic Karl Kennedy, with whom Sarah once shared a passionate kiss, was seen tending to her injured leg and helping to get triage – much to the outrage of wife Susan.

Earlier in the episode, Karl had sneakily told Susan over the phone to flee the scene of the blast as he attempted to keep news of Sarah’s return from her.

But the pair came face to face in the closing seconds, teeing up what are sure to dramatic scenes as Karl attempts to explain his actions.

Actress Nicola Charles hasn’t been seen in Erinsborough since 2013 recently teased her reappearance by saying: “They say life imitates art, but for me art is imitating life. I’ve had some huge and sometimes terrifying mountains to climb in my personal life during the last 10 years. Now I’m using all those experiences to help Sarah climb hers.”

Executive producer Jason Herbison added: “Sarah Beaumont is a wonderful character that doesn’t need an introduction.

“Viewers wait with bated breath for her next move and the latest instalment will surprise everyone. It’s always a pleasure to welcome Nicola back to Ramsay Street.”

Sarah’s return follows shock scenes broadcast yesterday that saw Josh Willis die from his injuries, while further fatalities are promised for later in the week.


Neighbours continues tomorrow at 1.45 and 5.30pm