Next week on Coronation Street: Kate kisses Sophie, Robert dumps Tracy – and Liz has a new love interest!

4-8 April 2016: Plus Sally and Yasmeen are at war


All next week’s drama in Weatherfield revealed…


1. Sophie and Kate kiss

Caz will be seen telling Sophie to stay away from her fiancee. But that doesn’t stop Kate from calling off her wedding and then kissing Sophie. But when Caz catches them in the act, Kate pleads for forgiveness, insisting that the kiss meant nothing and that Sophie came on to her. With Kate claiming that the snog was a mistake, Sophie is left heartbroken.

2. Liz has a new love interest

Liz takes Amy to music club at the community centre. And when a good-looking chap called Chris arrives with a young boy in tow, Liz is smitten. And when it comes apparent that Chris thinks that Liz is Amy’s mum rather than her grandma, Amy agrees to go along with it – in return for some new clothes!

3. Is Tracy pregnant?

Tracy thinks that she could be expecting Robert’s child and can’t wait to share the news with him. But when she finds Robert in deep discussion with Carla, she drags him off and reveals that the knows the truth about their one-night stand. As the truth also comes out Tracy using her power to manipulate Carla into forcing Nick to sell the Bistro at a knockdown price, Robert ends the relationship. But with Tracy now dumped, she tells Carla that there’s now nothing stopping her from telling Nick about the fling. Can Carla convince Robert to give Tracy another chance?

4. Sally and Yasmeen are at war

With a new fence dividing the Metcalfes from the Nazirs, Sally soon realises that Yasmeen has made Jason move the boundary between the houses. Sally vows to report her to the council for the brazen land grab, while Tim worries that his wife is becoming too preoccupied by this and council matters.

5. Michelle fights her feelings for Will

Michelle summons Will to the Rovers and suggests that he should find another wedding planner because she’s enjoying his company a bit too much. But Will agree to them not seeing each other again? And will Liz be satisfied by the state of affairs?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Coronation Street below.


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