We're approaching the midway point in Doctor Who season 14, and over the episodes we've gotten to know both Ncuti Gatwa's Doctor and also his new companion, Ruby Sunday.


Ruby, who was first introduced in 2023's Christmas special The Church on Ruby Road, is played by Millie Gibson, and there are a whole host of mysteries surrounding her – just who is her birth mother, and why does snow keep appearing around her?

While Ruby has this fantastical story surrounding her, we've also gotten to know her more down-to-Earth home life, with adoptive mother Carla and Carla's own mother Cherry.

The duo have only appeared in two episodes so far, but just what do we know about Carla and what has actor Michelle Greenidge said about playing the character?

Read on for everything you need to know about Michelle Greenidge's Doctor Who character Carla Sunday.

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Who is Carla Sunday?

Michelle Greenidge in Doctor Who
Michelle Greenidge in Doctor Who. BBC Studios/Bad Wolf

Carla Sunday is Ruby's adoptive mother, who first took Ruby in as a foster child when she was found on the doorstep of the church on Ruby Road.

Carla is traditionally a foster mother, and has fostered 33 children over the years. However, Ruby is the only one who Carla and adopted, and who has stayed permanently.

They lived together in Manchester for most of Ruby's life, but later moved to London to take care of Carla's mother Cherry.

In the 2023 Christmas special, The Church on Ruby Road, Carla took in a new foster child, Lulubelle, who was targeted by goblins trying to eat her. The Doctor and Ruby saved Lulubelle, but the goblins then took the opportunity to travel back through time and take Ruby as a baby.

Doctor Who's Ncuti Gatwa as the Doctor and Michelle Greenidge as Carla Sunday in The Church on Ruby Road
Doctor Who's Ncuti Gatwa as the Doctor and Michelle Greenidge as Carla Sunday in The Church on Ruby Road BBC Studios 2023,James Pardon

This led to the Doctor witnessing an alternate version of Carla, one who had only ever fostered a small number of the children the other version had, and whose life was without joy having never met Ruby.

The Doctor fixed the timeline, restoring Ruby to her proper place, meaning everything went back to normal. Ruby then ran off to find the Doctor in the TARDIS.

In Space Babies, the first episode of season 14, the Doctor fixed Ruby's phone so she had universal roaming, and was able to call Carla. Later, they parked the TARDIS in Carla's house, shocking her and Cherry - although we didn't get to see their meeting afterwards.

It's thought that Carla is set to return at various points throughout season 14 - so watch this space (and time!).

What has Michelle Greenidge said about playing Carla Sunday?

Michelle Greenidge at the Doctor Who premiere
Michelle Greenidge at the Doctor Who premiere. BBC Studios/Jonanthan Birch

Greenidge spoke with RadioTimes.com about playing Carla, admitting that a big draw to the role for her was working with showrunner Russell T Davies again, having previously appeared in his series It's a Sin.

"He is just an incredible talent," she explained. "The scripts are just so enthralling, you can really become immersed in all of the characters. He's so great at writing the story arcs and everything is so tightly-written.

"The word is overused, but Russell, he is genuinely a genius. Any show that Russell's involved with, you're lucky to be involved with – it’s a blessing."

Of Carla's relationship with Ruby, Greenidge said: "Carla's bond with Ruby is very special, and there isn't anything Carla wouldn't do for Ruby. Their love for each other is very strong."

The actor also spoke about working with Ruby star Millie Gibson and Cherry star Angela Wynter, the latter of whom she previously worked with on a stage play at the Royal Court in 2018.

"I was overjoyed when I learned that Angela was playing my on-screen mum," Greenidge said. "She's such an established part of the acting scene and also such a sweetheart with it, so I knew from the off that we would work really well together as a family unit.

"It's a lovely, busy, complicated, modern family – three generations of wonderful women under one roof. They are defiant, independent women, bonded together in a loving and caring family.

"I think it's really important with the roles that we play that it comes from a place of real truth, so it was definitely a real help that there was an instant natural bond between myself, Millie and Angela."

More recently, at the Doctor Who season 14 premiere, Greenidge told RadioTimes.com: "We all know that Russell is an incredible storyteller and what he's bringing to this season [is] outstanding, epic. I don't think anyone's ready for what he's going to deliver. For me, it's a completely different show but made very special by the fact that we've got Ncuti and Millie."

What has Michelle Greenidge starred in before?

Diane Morgan as Mandy and Michelle Greenidge as Lola in Mandy
Diane Morgan as Mandy and Michelle Greenidge as Lola in Mandy. BBC/BBC Studios Comedy/Richard Harrison

Greenidge has had major roles in After Life, in which she played Valerie, It's a Sin as Rosa, Code 404 as Judith and Mandy as Lola.

Meanwhile, she has also had roles in episodes of Doctors, Casualty, I May Destroy You, Small Axe, Adult Material, King Gary, Grantchester, Alex Rider and The Witchfinder.

On the big screen, she has appeared in films including Cruella and Venom: Let There be Carnage.

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