7 dramatic moments to remember before the new series of The Only Way is Essex

Tears. There were so many tears.


It’s been just a few months since we last hung out with TOWIE’s finest  but with so many tears shed in last season’s finale, we thought we’d remind you of the crucial events so you’re up to speed on all the gossip before tonight’s new episode. Here are the OMG/HUH? moments of last series…


1) Elliot told Chloe he was moving to Marbs

He was off to open a restaurant and didn’t expect her to come too…

2) Chloe agonised over whether to join him…and then agonised a bit more

She said (while crying) that ever since he said he was leaving, she’d been thinking about him a lot more. That phrase “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone” springs to mind here, Chloe… Since then she’s been out to visit Elliot (the first episode of series 15 is set in Marbs) and pictures of her kissing her former boyfriend were all over Twitter, although Chloe has denied they’re back together.

Just friends, then.

3) Lydia took Arg to the Madhatters tea party

He wasn’t at all thrilled…

4) But she revealed that she still couldn’t trust him

Despite things looking rosy, Lydia broke down in tears in front of Lewis, wondering whether she could really get over her trust issues with Arg. So, to help her tackle the problems…

5) Lydia wrote Arg a list of rules to follow

He definitely had his doubts about the strict rulebook… but then went for it anyway. Obviously. Because they’re the Ross and Rachel of reality TV and since April’s finale, there has been lots of social media evidence that the pair are very much together…

6) Jake and Chloe got all tearful

Their will-they-won’t-they saga continues….(Jake, you are an infuriating man.) Recent pictures from TOWIE filming suggest they’re not exactly platonic.

7) Jess gave Dan another go

She’d dumped him, thinking she wasn’t ready for anything serious. But then all that fantasy at the Madhatter’s tea party got her rethinking that decision…go Dan! So far, you’re not infuriating at all.


TOWIE series 15 starts Sunday 14th June