Karen Gillan makes surprise cameo as Amy Pond in Doctor Who Christmas special 2013

As Matt Smith prepared to regenerate into Peter Capaldi, the Doctor’s thoughts turned to his first companion

She was the little girl who waited, 12 years, for her raggedy Doctor to return. She was the first face his face saw. So it seems fitting that Amelia “Amy” Pond was also the last person in the thoughts of the 11th (12th? 13th?) Doctor as he said his final farewell…


Karen Gillan made a brief return to the Tardis in tonight’s Doctor Who Christmas special as Matt Smith’s departing Doctor prepared to regenerate into Peter Capaldi’s new incarnation.

As the Time Lord looked back on his eventful life, he imagined his original companion first as the young Amelia Pond running around the console room of the Tardis, before Gillan appeared as the adult Amy, telling the dying Doctor “Raggedy man, good night”.

The Doctor Who wig department must have been busy for The Time of the Doctor, with both Smith and Gillan requiring hair enhancement as they returned to their roles from other projects. 

At the time of filming, Smith had been shooting Ryan Gosling movie How to Catch a Monster, in which he sports a severe crop, while Gillan had been working on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, which required her to shave her luxurious red locks.

Gillan served as the Doctor’s companion Amy Pond for two-and-half years, departing in 2012 episode The Angels Take Manhattan, which saw Amy and her husband Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) sent back in time by the Weeping Angels to live out their lives in the past.