Lily Allen’s Hard Out Here – the Twitter reaction

From Lena Dunham to Caitlin Moran, Twitter was awash with praise for Lily Allen's stereotype-challenging musical comeback

Lily Allen, she of skirt-and-trainer-sporting, straight-talking 00s pop, released her first original solo recording for THREE years yesterday. And she certainly came back with a bang.


Hard Out Here was launched on the world via Twitter. So it’s only right we look to the Twittersphere for the reaction to Allen’s ass-kicking, genre-defying, stereotype-challenging music video… There’s a whole lot of love out there.

Plenty of big names are proud to pledge support for Hard Out Here too…

Even Girls creator Lena Dunham took to the Twittersphere to commend Allen’s efforts…

The woman herself was overwhelmed by the influx of positive tweets, saying:

Before tweeting a final nod to her contraversial video.

Haven’t seen Hard Out Here yet? (Where have you been?!) Here goes…