After eight weeks of cracking on, coupling up and some inevitable dumpings, the summer season of Love Island 2023 has come to an end!


On Monday 31st July, the Love Island 2023 final took place, with Sammy Root and Jess Harding being crowned as the season 10 winners.

Despite a lot of fan chatter over the final results and many predicting that one couple will win by a landslide, Jess and Sammy took home the number one spot on this year's show proving that their rollercoaster journey in the villa was worth it after all.

They take home a joint cash prize of £50,000 and join past winners Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan, who were voted as the season 9 winners back in March.

Many contestants walked through the villa doors for season 10, with even an old face making an appearance, as season two star Kady McDermott returned for another go.

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Unfortunately, Kady didn't make it to the final, but she did leave on the arm of Ouzy See - who joined the show as part of the Casa Amor 2023 cast.

The last couple to be voted out of the villa from a compatibility vote by the other islanders and the public were Ella Barnes and Mitchel Taylor, who just narrowly missed out on a place in the final.

But five couples did make it to the anticipated final, with declarations of love and official girlfriend and boyfriend titles being dished out in the last episode before Maya Jama revealed who this year's winners were.

While the series may be done and dusted, read on for everything you need to know about the Love Island contestants - including all the bombshells, Casa Amor contestants and departures throughout the eight weeks of action.

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Love Island 2023 cast: Full line-up of season 10 contestants

The full line-up of Love Island 2023 cast members for the summer is below.

Love Island 2023 finalists:

Love Island 2023 contestants:

Read more about the confirmed contestants below.

Molly Marsh

Love Island season 10's Molly Marsh in a pink bikini
Love Island season 10: Molly Marsh. ITV/Lifted Entertainment

Age: 24

Job: Musical theatre performer and social media creator

Instagram: @mollygracemarsh

Molly Marsh might have been dumped in episode 19, but she's made a return!

Molly returned in Casa Amor, and has since found her way back to the Love Island villa.

Molly is the daughter of Coronation Street actress Janet Marsh - but the 24-year-old is also a star in her own right, performing in pantos across the country. Molly was reportedly scouted for the show “after visiting the villa in South Africa earlier this year”.

“She was on the tour as an invited guest when she caught the eyes of producers,” a source told The Sun. Molly made it clear she would love to be a part of Love Island, and she was told to audition. “After going through the process, she’s now a shoo-in to fly to Mallorca later this month.”

Speaking about why she wants to head to the villa to find love, she admits: "I don’t go out and party and I don’t use dating apps, I’m actually quite old-fashioned, so there’s no better way to meet someone than by going into a villa in the sun with the potential ‘one’ in there."

Lochan Nowacki

Love Island's Lochan Nowacki.
Love Island's Lochan Nowacki. ITV

Age: 25

Job: Account Manager

Lochan Nowacki from Windsor joined the Love Island cast in Casa Amor.

Talking about joining the show, he said: "I feel like I’m excited because a lot of the people in relationships aren’t fully secure. I know the type of person I am as well, so I feel like I can turn heads. I’m not going to be disrespectful and I’m proud of my morals as a person."

Sammy Root

Sammy Root
Sammy Root

Age: 22

Job: Project manager

Instagram: @sammyroot_

Sammy Root is a 22-year-old project manager from Kent.

He joined the villa in episode 4 and enjoyed dates with Ella, Molly and Jess.

In terms of why he decided to sign up for the ITV2 dating show, he said: "I’ve always got girls on my mind, so what better way to find a nice girl than in the Love Island villa!"

Whitney Adebayo

Whitney Adebayo
Love Island 2023 contestant Whitney Adebayo

Age: 25

Job: Entrepreneur

Instagram: @whitbrownsx

Camden-based entrepreneur Whitney is the latest bombshell to enter the villa - and made André's day by choosing him to accompany her on a romantic beach date.

The 25-year-old - who says she has “triple B’s - bum, boobs and brains” - has a specific list of things she’s looking for in a man, with nail-biters and those who wear skinny jeans being a strict no-no!

“I’m looking for someone with a good sense of humour, emotional depth and [someone who] makes time for me,” she reveals.

Zachariah Noble

Love Island 2023 contestant Zachariah Noble
Love Island 2023 contestant Zachariah Noble ITV

Age: 25

Job: Personal trainer and basketball player

Instagram: @zachariah_noble97
The south-east London PT and basketball player is the first bombshell of the season and entered to many a shocked face after the surprise game of dares that Maya Jama introduced. Talking about why now's the right time to enter the Love Island villa, Zachariah says: "Being 25, I’m at a crossroads where I’ve been having fun, but I also want to have the peace and harmony that comes from being with the right woman."

For Zachariah, the most important things he looks for in a partner are "that someone is genuine and they also have good banter". Will he find that in the villa?

As for what he doesn't like in a prospective girlfriend, Zachariah says his icks are "both really stupid", stating: "Bad handwriting - I’ve got terrible handwriting so they’d need to have better handwriting than me, and twerking, I really don’t like twerking!"

Tyrique Hyde

Love Island season 10's Tyrique in black shorts
Love Island season 10: Tyrique Hyde. ITV/Lifted Entertainment

Age: 24

Job: Semi-professional footballer

Instagram: @tyriquehyde

One of the most well-known contestants of this year's line-up is Essex-based Hyde, who is a semi-professional football player and son of coach and former professional footballer Micah Hyde. His other claim to fame is being one of the best friends of season 7 Love Islander Toby Aromolaran – the pair grew up together and were in the same class at school.

In terms of what Tyrique is looking for in the villa this year, he remains tight-lipped but does admit that he's "not afraid to go after what I want" and that he doesn't sit on the fence. On what he'll bring to Love Island, the 24-year-old says: "I’ll bring vibes, confidence, good energy and honesty."

Ella Thomas

Love Island season 10's Ella Thomas in a black bikini
Love Island season 10: Ella Thomas. ITV/Lifted Entertainment

Age: 23

Job: Model

Instagram: @ellathomas_

Award-winning model, Ella, is set to bring confidence and glamour to the villa this year and admits: "I'm the whole package, I know what I want in life and I’ve got a big heart."

Aside from modelling, the 23-year-old has also appeared in a music video for Headie One and Burna Boy, as well as being an extra in World War Z. She said: "I was 12 years old when I filmed it and got to meet Brad Pitt which was cool."

In terms of what she wants her new fellow Islanders to know about her, she says: "I’d let the boys know that I’m wifey material so don’t play with me!"

Jess Harding

Jess Harding in a pink bikini
Love Island season 10: Jess Harding. ITV

Age: 22

Job: Aesthetics practitioner

Instagram: @jesshardingox

The London-born aesthetics practitioner says that she has a "heart of gold" - but won't hesitate to stand up for herself if she needs to. As for why she's single right now, she admits: "Because every boy is giving me the ick at the moment. I feel like it’s fate because I’m saving myself for Mr Right in the Villa!"

So what do the boys in the villa need to be careful of to not give Jess the ick? "When a guy stunts for money, that’s an ick. Showing off all their designer clothes because most of the time they’re probably fake anyway! Another one is when a boy runs for the train and the train goes without him. Lunch boxes also - just go to Tesco and get a meal deal!"

Love Island 2023 couples

Here's a list of the couples of season 10 as they stand so far:

  • Molly Marsh and Zachariah Noble
  • Ella Thomas and Tyrique Hyde
  • Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nowacki
  • Jess Harding and Sammy Root

Dumped islanders

Mitchel Taylor - DUMPED in episode 56

Love Island season 10's Mitchel Taylor in blue shorts
Love Island season 10: Mitchel Taylor. ITV/Lifted Entertainment

Age: 26

Job: Gas engineer

Instagram: @mitcheltaylor_

This Sheffield-based gas engineer states that he "thrives on being a gentleman". Looking for love in the villa, he told ITV: "I’ll shower you with flowers, I’ll take you on dates, I’ll fill your bedside drawer with your favourite sweets and chocolate. I’ve been single, I’ve had my fun and now I want to settle down."

In terms of why he's single, though? Mitchel admits that he's "really picky" and is heading to Love Island in order to look for the one. He says: "I’ve got to find the girl that I want to marry and have kids with. I’m nearly 27, I don’t want to play the field anymore, I want to find the one."

Ella Barnes - DUMPED in episode 56

Ella Barnes Love Island
Ella Barnes. ITV

Age: 23

Job: Championship Dancer and Model

Instagram: @ellabellabarnes

Ella Barnes is a dancer and model from Kent, who has a little history with Tyrique.

"I’m excited to go into the Villa because I feel like I’ll bring a lot of spice and drama. I’m open to getting to know all the boys. At the moment, everyone is happy in their couples but I plan on going in there to shake things up," she said ahead of her debut.

"I have a feeling I could make a few boys’ heads turn, especially Tyrique because we have history."

Scott van der Sluis - DUMPED in episode 52

Scott - Love Island
Scott van-der-Sluis. ITV

Age: 22

Job: Footballer

Instagram: @scottvds17

From Connah’s Quay in north Wales, Scott van der Sluis has been granted a release from his contract at Shelbourne Football Club to appear on the show.

The Welsh goalkeeper signed for the Irish Premier Division club in the summer of 2022, but has decided to put his career on hold.

Talking about his reasons for joining the cast, he said: "Football is all I’ve ever done, all I’ve ever known. So this is a new and exciting opportunity for a change up in life."

Talking about what he’ll bring to the villa, he added: "Energy. I’ll bring a bit of banter, be cheeky, and I’m a flirt! [I'm a] very, very strong personality, so if I see anything I don’t agree with, there’ll definitely be fireworks!"

Abi Moores - DUMPED in episode 52

Love Island's Abi Moores.
Love Island's Abi Moores. ITV

Age: 25

Job: Flight Attendant

Instagram: @abimooresxox

Abi Moores from Hampshire joined the Love Island 2023 cast in Casa Amor.

The contestant describes herself as "feisty and fiery", "very active" and "positive", adding that she's looking for "someone who is loyal, kind and funny - has good banter and a good sense of humour and has good energy coming from them".

Josh Brocklebank - DUMPED in episode 44

Josh Brocklebank
Josh Brocklebank. ITV

Age: 26

Job: Finance advisor

Instagram: @josh_brocklebank

Josh Brocklebank is a finance advisor from Essex. He joined Love Island for episode 39, saying: "It’s such an amazing opportunity and not many people are fortunate enough to experience it, so I feel really excited and lucky to be heading into the Villa. I can’t wait to get grafting the girls."

In terms of who he wanted to couple up with, he said ahead of his debut: "I’m most attracted to Jess and Kady. Personality wise, I think I’d be a great match for Jess. She’s so bubbly and has similar energy to me. Kady is also beautiful, she’s a similar age to me and seems to know what she wants, which I think is really attractive."

Amber Wise - DUMPED in episode 44

Love Island's Amber Wise.
Love Island's Amber Wise. ITV/Lifted Entertainment

Age: 19

Job: Graphic Design Student

Amber Wise from Buckinghamshire joined the Love Island 2023 in Casa Amor.

Talking about why she's excited to enter the villa, Amber said: "I’m really excited to meet the boys, especially Montel and Sammy. I’m looking forward to getting to know them and bringing strong looks to the Villa."

Kady McDermott - DUMPED in episode 44

Kady McDermott - Love Island bombshell 2023
Love Island 2023: Kady McDermott ITV/Lifted Entertainment

Age: 27

Job: Influencer and returning Love Island bombshell

Instagram: @kadymcdermott

In the biggest twist of the season so far, Love Island season 2 star Kady McDermott has made her return. As for why she wanted to come back, she explained: "Not many people can say they’ve been on Love Island, let alone have done it twice!

"I think I’m known from season 2 for being so chaotic. People always ask, ‘Do you have regrets?’ expecting me to say yes, but I was so true to myself and I was 100% authentic. I’ll still be like that now, but seven years on, I am more mature. I’m still the fiery pocket rocket but I know what I want and what I don’t want."

Talking about who she has her eye on, she said: "Zach’s my number one, Tyrique on looks, but he might need his ego putting down a little bit. I also want to get to know Mitch."

Ouzy See - DUMPED in episode 44

Ouzy See
Love Island's Ouzy See. ITV

Age: 28

Job: Footballer, Tradesman and Model

Instagram: @ouzysee_

Ouzy See from Edinburgh joined the Love Island 2023 cast in Casa Amor.

He describers himself as "a very confident person". He continued: "I’m also mixed race with a Scottish accent which you don't see very often so I’d like to think I’m a little different from your average guy."

Talking about who he has his eye on, he said: "If I was in there from the start it would have been Ella. I’ve met Ella before on a photoshoot we were both working on and also on nights out in Edinburgh, although nothing has ever happened between us."

Leah Taylor - DUMPED in episode 39

Leah Taylor in a bikini
Leah Taylor. Lifted Entertainment/ITV

Age: 27

Job: Business Owner (Social Media Marketing)

Instagram: @leahjtaylorr

Hailing from Manchester, 27-year-old Leah is hoping her “fun, positive vibes and good advice” will help her go far in the villa - as well as her ability to do a backflip!

“I’ve realised through past experiences exactly what I want in life when it comes to love," she says of her decision to join the show. "I’m ready to find it now and I’m not going to wait around. I've figured out what it is that I look for in a person, which means my bar is set really high."

Montel McKenzie - DUMPED in episode 39

Montel McKenzie
Montel McKenzie

Age: 25

Job: Account manager and semi-professional footballer

Instagram: @montelmckenzie

Self-confessed ladies-man Montel McKenzie is a semi-professional footballer and account manager from East London, who says he has been too busy with his career to find a girlfriend.

The 25-year-old is hoping to woo the Love Island girls - including Ella Thomas, who is currently coupled up with Tyrique Hyde!

"Ella for me is generally my type," Montel admits. "I'll definitely speak to her".

Watch your back, Ty.

Catherine Agbaje - DUMPED in episode 38

Love Island season 10's Catherine Agbaje in an orange bikini
ITV/Lifted Entertainment

Love Island season 10: Catherine Agbaje.

Age: 22

Job: Commercial real estate agent

Instagram: @catherine_agbaje

Self-confessed "always smiling, always happy" islander, Catherine is a fun-chasing character with "so much love to give". Although many people think her teeth are veneers, she says that something not many people know about her is the fact that they are actually real and she had braces when she was younger.

Her other lesser-known truth is the fact that she has two degrees and she says: "I have my undergrad and my master's in Psychology and Sociology and Real Estate."

Elom Ahlijah-Wilson - DUMPED in episode 38

Love Island's Elom Ahlijah-Wilson.
Love Island's Elom Ahlijah-Wilson. ITV

Age: 22

Job: Masseuse and Fitness Trainer

Instagram: @_truegains

Also joining the Casa Amor line-up this year is Elom Ahlijah-Wilson from London, who said of entering the villa: "I want to ruffle a few feathers and to see if I can find a strong connection. I’m excited to meet new people and see where it takes me."

Talking about who he might want to couple up with, he added: "All the girls are all beautiful. I want to see their energy levels. If I speak to them and like their vibe, I’d want to couple up with them. Whitney has good energy, so does Leah and Ella. I’m just going to go there and try to talk with all of the girls."

Zachary Ashford - DUMPED in Casa Amor recoupling

Zachary Ashford
Love Island's Zachary Ashford. ITV

Age: 27

Job: Senior Sales Executive

Instagram: @z_ashford

Zachary Ashford from Manchester has joined the Love Island 2023 cast and will soon be causing trouble in Casa Amor.

Talking about how he plans on turning heads in the villa, he said: "I am going to go in and go with my heart straight away. I’ve got a couple of people in mind and I will want to feel them out and get to know them in the first few hours. I will then draw my attention to just one girl."

Tink Reading - DUMPED in Casa Amor recoupling

Love Island's Tink Reading.
Love Island's Tink Reading. ITV

Age: 26

Job: Project Manager

Instagram: @tinkreadingxo

Tink Reading from Birmingham will soon be heading into Casa Amor and is "excited to hopefully meet somebody and cause a bit of mischief."

Talking about what she's looking for in a partner, she said: "They have to be family orientated, have strong career goals and manners are a really big thing for me. Manners cost nothing, so I want to see how they interact with other people."

Gabby Jeffery - DUMPED in Casa Amor recoupling

Love Island's Gabby Jeffrey.
Love Island's Gabby Jeffrey. ITV

Age: 24

Job: Creative Assistant

Gabby Jeffery from Newcastle, who'll soon be heading into Casa Amor, is "fun, flirty, outgoing, young, wild and free".

Talking about how she plans on turning heads, she added: "There’s no time to hold back, so I’m going to make sure I get to know everyone. I’m not going to waste any time thinking about what their current situation might be because I need to give myself a chance. I’m going to lay all my cards on the table and see where it gets me."

Kodie Murphy - DUMPED in Casa Amor recoupling

Kodie Murphy
Love Island's Kodie Murphy. ITV

Age: 20

Job: Social Media Marketer

Instagram: @kodiemurphy

Kodie from Birmingham is joining the show as part of the Casa Amor line-up this year.

Talking about why he wants to enter the villa, Kodie said: "I love a challenge and can’t wait to bring my flirty, cheeky side out. There isn’t as much pressure when you go into Casa Amor, you can go in and have some fun. I’ll definitely be a little mischievous."

Benjamin Noel - DUMPED in Casa Amor recoupling

Love Island's Benjamin Noel.
Love Island's Benjamin Noel. ITV

Age: 26

Job: Fitness Business Owner

Instagram: @benjaminn_noell

Also joining the Love Island 2023 Casa Amor line-up is Benjamin Noel from London, who described himself as "funny, warm and I pride myself on respect".

He continued: "I can fall pretty easily but I’m also super relaxed at the same time. I’m massively into fitness and health, it’s not all about having a huge chest that can’t fit through a door, having a healthy body helps maintain a healthy mind."

Danielle Mazhindu - DUMPED in Casa Amor recoupling

Love Island's Danielle Mazhindu.
Love Island's Danielle Mazhindu. ITV

Age: 25

Job: Recruitment Assistant and Occupational Therapy Student

Instagram: @daniellemazhindu

Danielle Mazhindu from Liverpool describes herself as "sarcastic, outgoing, low key blunt and direct", adding "if I like someone I will make it known".

Talking about her strategy in Casa Amor, she said: "I have good chat, which will carry me. I am very direct - some people wait around but I will speak my piece from the start. I will 100% just enjoy my time there."

Mehdi Edno - DUMPED in episode 23

Love Island season 10's Medhi Edno in blue-and-white shorts
Love Island season 10: Medhi Edno. ITV/Lifted Entertainment

Age: 26

Job: Communications manager

Instagram: @mehdiedno

Splitting his time between Bordeaux and London, Medhi has been rumoured to be the next Davide Sanclimenti in the villa, charming Islanders with French and expecting to cause a stir as the "tall, dark and handsome" type that so many Islanders are usually after.

Although he's been busy for the last few years with work and doing his master's degree, Medhi admits that he's now ready to find love and says that "looks are important but they aren’t everything". He's also looking for "a good sense of humour and someone who is outgoing and up for an adventure".

Mal Nicol - DUMPED in episode 23

Mal Nicol
Mal Nicol

Age: 25
Job: Picture researcher
Instagram: @mallurpaal

Originally hailing from Edinburgh, London-based picture researcher Mal Nicol says she is bad at flirting - so is hoping her sense of humour will trump all when it comes to impressing the boys!

"I know I can’t flirt, I can’t dance and I can’t sing, but I can guarantee I’ll be able to laugh them into my bed," she reveals. "I’ve never been a flirtatious person but my energy is quite endearing and cute. I think boys think I am quite sexy but because I’m goofy, I come across as sweet and innocent."

Mal already has her sights set on Sammy, Zach and Scott - but will they live up to her expectations?

"I want someone who is playful and fun," she continues. “Someone who is unapologetically themselves. Life’s too short - no-one cares”.

André Furtado - DUMPED in episode 12

André Furtado in black shorts
Love Island season 10: Andre Furtado. ITV

Age: 21

Job: Business owner

Instagram: @dre.furtado

Business owner André is one of the youngest singletons entering the villa this season. But that doesn't mean he isn't bringing confidence, saying: "I’m charming, I’m going to bring good looks and some language lessons. I’m going to teach the other Islanders Portuguese, Spanish and a little bit of Creole. I think I’ve got every slice of the pie."

As for how quickly he falls in love, he added: "I would say I fall too quickly, to be honest. When I look at beautiful ladies, before I’ve said hello to them I’ve already fallen in love. I’m already planning the wedding."

Charlotte Sumner - DUMPED in episode 12

Charlotte Sumner in a red bikini
Charlotte Sumner. Lifted Entertainment/ITV

Age: 30

Job: Dental nurse

Instagram: @charlottesumner_x

At age 30, Charlotte is the oldest cast member to walk into the villa so far.

The bombshell - who says she is “fun, spontaneous, kind, caring and loyal" - admits that it was her loved-ones who convinced her to sign up to the show.

“Friends and family kept telling me to apply for Love Island, so I thought, why not?" Charlotte reveals. "The age I’m at and the experiences I’ve had, I feel ready to meet my Mr Right."

Ruchee Gurung - DUMPED in episode 10

Love Island season 10's Ruchee in a blue bikini
Love Island season 10: Ruchee Gurung. ITV

Age: 24

Job: Beautician

Instagram: @rucheewawo

Ruchee is joining this year's summer line-up in a bid to find love and admits, "I’m a relationship kind of girl, but so far it’s not worked out for me. So I’m looking forward to hopefully finding the right person in the villa."

She describes herself as "really loyal" and loves "doing nice things for the people that are special to me". She says that her main ick are "guys with no ambition" but that she also gets it from a lack of fashion sense.

She says: "I also get the ick if I see a guy wearing white jeans and red trainers. Another one is super skinny jeans when they look like leggings. Fashion is such an important thing for me. If I go on a date and the guy isn’t wearing something I like, I’m going home."

George Fensom - DUMPED in episode 5

Love Island season 10's George Fensom in pink shorts
Love Island season 10: George Fensom. ITV/Lifted Entertainment

Age: 24

Job: Business development executive

Bedford-based George admits that one of the most important things to him in a partner is drive, saying: "I want them to be passionate about something, whether it’s a job or enjoying trips to the zoo on Saturdays."

He also admits: "I prefer a girl who is naturally good-looking, and someone who has even more banter than me – although I don’t believe that’s physically possible. I think those three qualities make for a perfect mix in a partner."

He's also the friend that's "always dancing and always the one who wants to go out" and says he's going to "bring dad jokes and dad dancing to the villa".

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