We’re now over two weeks into the summer series of Love Island 2023, and the drama shows no sign of slowing down as not one but two new bombshells are set to enter the villa this evening.


Joining the cast, which includes Molly Marsh, Ella Thomas and Leah Taylor, will be new boy Montel McKenzie - as well as stunning Scottish lass, Mal Nicol.

Now living in London, Mal is hoping to find romance in the villa, and already has her eye on a few of the boys - which will certainly ruffle a few feathers in the couples!

Here’s everything you need to know about Mal.

Mal Nicol – key facts

Mal Nicol
Mal Nicol.

Age: 25
Job: Picture researcher
Instagram: @mallurpaal

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Who is Mal Nicol?

Originally hailing from Edinburgh, Mal now lives in London.

And while the 25-year-old picture researcher is obviously there to find The One, she’s already getting good vibes from the girls in the villa.

“I think they are all very different,” says Mal. “Jess says it how it is and has good banter and I like her humour. I like Molly’s energy - it seems very contagious and very positive. I think I would vibe with them. And obviously Ella is from Glasgow so we have that in common!”

Mal also says she’s looking forward to taking part in the cheeky challenges on the show, adding: “I am such an attention seeker, so I will love that. It’s going to feel so euphoric - that’s why I want someone who is playful and fun.

“Someone who is unapologetically themselves. Life’s too short - no-one cares.”

How old is Mal Nicol?

Mal is 25-years-old, sitting her in the middle age range of the other Islanders. According to her Instagram, her birthday is at the beginning of September and she is a Virgo.

Is Mal on Instagram?

Yes - you can find Mal’s profile at the handle, @mallurpaal.

Mal Nicol
Mal Nicol

Why did Mal sign up for Love Island summer 2023?

After moving down to England’s capital from Scotland, Mal says her dating life has suffered thanks to her hectic lifestyle - which is why she thinks the villa is the perfect place to meet her match.

“Since I moved to London, and having the balance of seeing friends, work and gym, it’s really difficult to date at the same time,” she explains. “It’s quite exhausting to date in the real world".

“When you strip it back to no distractions or social situations, your pure focus is on people. I'm intrigued to find a connection.”

And the stunning singleton has the full backing of her loved ones for her experience.

“My parents have always supported everything I’ve ever done in my life,” Mal says warmly. “My dad is very old fashioned but he’s been the best - so supportive and excited for me. I’m their only child so they say to just be myself.”

What is Mal looking for in a partner?

It turns out that Mal does actually have a thing for Love Islanders - as she previously dated summer 2022 bombshell, Jay Younger!

But she admits she already has her eye on some of the boys in this years cohort - which may annoy the other girls.

“I do actually like Sammy [Root],” reveals Mal. “I think he’s quite funny and his personality is coming out more - there is something about him I fancy.”

She continues: “I fancy Zachariah [Noble] as well, but I wouldn’t go in too strong on him as I feel like he’ll get a bit big for his boots because he’s had a lot of female attention! I’d play it cool.

Scott [Van der Sluis] seems lovely - I think he’s got really nice eyes. But I do usually go for a rugby boy not a footballer…”

And of her plan to woo the fellas, Mal says her technique is simple.

“I don’t have a game plan and I have never been one to be smooth with flirting,” she explains. “I know I can’t flirt, I can’t dance and I can’t sing, but I can guarantee I’ll be able to laugh them into my bed.

“I’ve never been a flirtatious person but my energy is quite endearing and cute. I think boys think I am quite sexy but because I’m goofy, I come across as sweet and innocent.

“I know I won’t have to go for them - they’ll probably come for me.”

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