When is The Predator movie released in cinemas? UK date, trailer, plot, cast and more revealed

Find out all the details from the latest edition of the expansive franchise

The poster for The Predator (Fox, HF)

The ultimate hunter returns to earth for The Predator – and this time he’s scarier than ever.


With original cast member Shane Black on board as writer and director for the new sci-fi sequel, there’s quite a pedigree this time around – so why don’t you check out all the details for the fourth film in the Predator franchise below?

When is The Predator released in UK cinemas?

The Predator will be out in UK cinemas on Wednesday 12th September 2018.

Is there a trailer?

There is, though it’s seen a mixed reaction from the fans. There appears to be some fatigue within the fanbase when it comes to the addition of another movie to an already-busy franchise. Whether the latest instalment will win people over remains to be seen.

What’s the story?

A young boy accidentally triggers an alert that brings the most lethal hunters in the universe back to earth, this time to small-town suburbia.

The Predators have genetically upgraded themselves with the DNA of species they have conquered throughout space. The fate of earth now rests in hands of a crazy crew of ex-soldiers and one disgruntled science teacher. The hunt is on.

Notably, the film is set to introduce new types of predators including a much larger version and (for the first time) a female Predator.

Who’s in the cast?

Boyd Holbrook stars as ex-soldier Quin Mckenna, dad to Rory Mckenna (Jacob Tremblay) who triggers the alert. McKenna is the man to lead the special forces crew in their task to track down and kill the Predator.

Trevante Rhodes (Nebraska Williams), Keegan-Michael Key (Coyle), Thomas Jane (Baxley), Alfie Allen (Lynch) and Augusto Aguilera (Nettles) all play ex-soldiers that agree to join Mckenna’s crew.

Olivia Munn plays disgruntled scientist Casey Brackett, who joins the squad in addition to Agent Will Traeger, played by Sterling K. Brown.

How does The Predator tie into previous Predator films?

Rather than being a hard reboot, director and writer Shane Black (also an actor and uncredited script doctor on the original Predator) has indicated that The Predator will fit into the franchise between the 1990 Predator 2 and 2010’s Predators, while working within the wider franchise.


The main link is Peter Keyes’ son, played in The Predator by Jake Busey. Agent Keyes was the leader of the task force that was originally tasked with capturing the Predator in the 1990 sequel and was played by Jake’s dad, Gary Busey.