Sony accidentally uploads entire movie to YouTube instead of trailer

All 89 minutes and 46 seconds of Khali the Killer were up on the site for free

Kahli the Killer (screenshot, EH)

Trailers are often criticised for giving away too much of a film’s plot, but Sony took this to a whole new level by accidentally uploading an entire movie to YouTube instead of a trailer.


Khali the Killer, in all its entirety, was available on YouTube for hours and clocked up thousands of views before it was taken down.

People took to Twitter to discuss the fact that they were able to watch the hour-and-a-half movie, in a YouTube video entitled “Khali the Killer: Official Red Band Trailer”.

The film follows a retired LA hit man who takes one last job to support his ageing grandmother at the end of her life, but ends up in a dilemma when he starts to empathise with his intended targets.


The feature-length video is no longer available, and if you’re looking for the re-uploaded trailer, it does not appear to be forthcoming… Perhaps Sony are making extra sure before they resurface it on the internet.