Coronation Street spoilers: Kym Lomas on Michelle’s agony as Ryan leaves

"It’s a bit of a bombshell. Michelle’s very upset about Ryan’s decision to go"

Kym Lomas has revealed how her character Michelle Connor reacts when son Ryan announces that he’s quitting Weatherfield for Ibiza.


“It’s a bit of a bombshell,” says the actress. “Michelle’s very upset about Ryan’s decision to go, especially as he’s decided to go to Ibiza. She’s very worried about what sort of lifestyle he’ll be living out there and she thinks he’s going to end up being led astray, which is not what Ryan needs. She’s right to worry because he’s easily led and slightly wayward. But then there has to come a point when she cuts the apron strings and lets him do his own thing.”

In scenes to be shown next week, Steve (Simon Gregson) will give Ryan (Sol Heras) a pep talk, insisting that he needs to grow up and grab life by the horns. Ryan is spurred into action, but his decision to leave the country floors Michelle and leaves Steve in the firing line.

“Michelle does initially blame Steve for what Ryan’s doing,” comments Lomas. “She tells him that he’s given Ryan completely the wrong advice. Although she doesn’t stay mad for too long because, technically, he didn’t categorically tell Ryan to move away to Ibiza. I think he just pulled a ‘Steve’ again really and said the wrong thing.”


But there’s no doubting that Ryan’s exit, coupled with workplace ructions at Underworld, are set to leave Michelle in a particularly low place. “Ryan’s gone, she’s no longer in the factory and she doesn’t have a job. She goes to try and find work and realises she isn’t qualified to do much. So she’s currently feeling quite pathetic and useless.”