Meet the actor who plays Jon Snow’s real dad in Game of Thrones

Archers actor Wilf Scolding has been hiding right under our noses this whole time


The identity of Jon Snow’s parents is one of the most discussed and theorised topics in Game of Thrones history and now it’s finally been confirmed that he is indeed the product of Lyanna Stark and Dany’s big brother Rhaegar Targaryen


We got our first look at Lyanna Stark on her deathbed in series six , when The Fall and Clique’s Aisling Franciosi popped up in Bran’s visions.  And now we’ve finally been introduced to Jon’s father, Rhaegar Targaryen, via the medium of flashback too.

That’s where young UK-based actor Wilf Scolding comes in…

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The former Royal Welsh College of Drama student’s name was floated as a potential Rhaegar among Game of Thrones fans on Reddit for months, mainly because he followed Franciosi – who played Lyanna – on Twitter. And it just so happened that she followed him back.

Sleuthing fans tipped him as the daddy that was promised months ago after they spotted that he had followed Game of Thrones hairstylist Kerstin Weller – who also followed him back – on Instagram.

Then fans said that Scolding’s name had also allegedly appeared on a cast list that hackers claim to have obtained from HBO during a cyber attack on the network.

And they were finally proven to be super sleuths when the actor, who Archers fans will know best as Ambridge’s own Chris Carter, popped up in Bran’s visions in the series seven finale. It was confirmed that Rhaegar had indeed married Lyanna, and that she’d given birth to their son, Jon, real name Aegon Targaryen.

It’s also interesting to now he’s got another minor connection to Thrones. Just like Joe Dempsie (Gendry) and Hannah Murray (Gilly), Scolding has previously appeared in Skins. You might have missed him in series three episode one as he had just a few lines: “Wooooah, I’m Bruno. What do you know?” he mused to Katie before asking “who’s your friend?” and being scared off by an overly enthusiastic Pandora.


He made quite the impression but we hope that’s not how Rhaegar seduced Lyanna Stark…