31 tweets that perfectly sum up the mixed reaction to Sherlock

From evil Eurus to the return of Moriarty, there was plenty for fans to talk over


So, after a battle of deduction between the Holmes brothers and their new-to-screen sister, Eurus, series four of Sherlock reached an explosive conclusion last night.


And some fans were very quick to state that the episode’s psych-thriller maze in Sherrinford prison made for the best Sherlock yet…

Although many were simply too fragile to say anything after riding that emotional roller-coaster…

Why? Well, firstly, the Baker Street super-sleuth tugged heartstrings by declaring to Mycroft that John Watson was now part of the family.

But that was only just before an outpouring of love for fan favourite Mrs Hudson, who we saw hovering up her (about to be blown-up) flat to an Iron Maiden soundtrack.

However, smiles were soon wiped off fans’ faces when the episode introduced us to Sherrinford security complex where inmate-turned-governor Eurus Holmes held Sherlock, Mycroft and Watson in a labyrinth of horrors. 

And this led to a particularly brutal set-up whereby Molly Hooper was (seemingly) almost blown up. Which apparently viewers would have never forgiven show writers Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat for doing.

But amidst the doom and gloom, viewers were ecstatic at the return of Andrew Scott’s villainous Jim Moriarty.

However, for some, it wasn’t enough to redeem the complicated episode…


Although there was a whole other side of Twitter that just wanted to see more Sherlock (which they might have to wait a while for).