Coronation Street: Tracy to leave Carla at the mercy of Bistro thugs, reveals Kate Ford

After finding out that Carla slept with Robert, Tracy abandons the factory boss to her fate


Tracy Barlow will revert to type next week when she overhears Robert discussing his recent one-night stand with Carla.


Tracy will be left reeling when she eavesdrops on Robert and Carla’s conversation in the Bistro. But, after Robert leaves, Carla is then set upon by ‘revenge porn’ criminal Jamie who intends to rob the till and put the frighteners on Steph. Callously, Tracy leaves Carla to her fate, but leaves her mobile phone on the premises.

In the wake of the attack, Carla will be left in need of an emergency operation. But Tracy will end up facing difficult police questions when her phone is found in the Bistro. Can she talk her way out of trouble?

Well, it looks like the answer to that is a big ‘yes’ because – by the end of the week – Tracy is telling colleague Todd that she intends to make Carla pay for sleeping with Robert. So is yet more misery about to be heaped onto Carla? And just how far will Tracy go? Actress Kate Ford tells us more…

How does Tracy feel when she hears the news about Carla and Robert’s night of passion?
She’s absolutely raging. Her blood turns cold. Tracy cannot feel wronged again by this woman, so she’s gobsmacked that Carla has ruined things for her once again. Tracy is completely blindsided by her own self-importance – she will be quick to forget about all the things she has done to Carla in the past and will see this as yet another example of Carla ruining her life. 

So, is this why Tracy lets her jealousy get the better of her?
Tracy is an inherently jealous person. She always wants more and she can never be happy with her lot. She’s very bitter and deep down, even though she’s full of bravado, I think she’s a very insecure person. She can’t help herself at all and her jealousy leads her to destruction time and time again. 

What’s going through Tracy’s mind when she goes to confront Carla in the Bistro?
After she’s heard the conversation between Carla and Robert, Tracy’s mind is racing and she can’t think straight. She’s not sure what to do at first. She’s in limbo in the kitchen and is trying to process what she’s heard. She can’t let Carla get away with this – she’s seen red completely and feels completely horrified that Carla has ‘wronged’ her again. 

But how does she feel about leaving poor Carla in grave danger? Would she really abandon her?
Yes, of course she would! Tracy feels she’s the one who has been badly done to. Carla’s the one who has wronged her. Ultimately, there’s no way Tracy would sacrifice herself for Carla, given what she’s just heard. She is quite jittery when she leaves. Deep down she probably knows that she shouldn’t have left Carla, but she’s selfish. She wasn’t about to put herself in danger. 

Why doesn’t Tracy confront Robert about his cheating ways?
As reactive as Tracy can be, she often bides her time when it comes to revenge. She’s also trapped between a rock and a hard place because if she tells Robert she knows about him and Carla, he’ll find out she left her alone with the thugs in the Bistro…

Can you see a happy ever after for Robert and Tracy?
It’s Tracy Barlow, so I doubt it! He’s the closest thing she’ll ever get to ‘normality’ and having something stable – even though she was mad about Rob, they weren’t good for each other because they encouraged each other’s bad ways. Robert has been great for Tracy after everything that’s happened in the past year, especially with losing her mum, so I’d like to see them have some happiness – but Tracy has a habit of spoiling things.

So, Tracy has promised to take revenge on Carla – how low will she stoop?
She can always think of something – although leaving her at the mercy of the thugs in the Bistro was pretty low! Ultimately, she will stew on it until the time is right. Carla won’t get away with crossing her again. 

Have you missed Tracy’s bad behaviour? Are you looking forward to her being bad again?
Tracy’s always bad! Even when she’s behaving, she’s always winding someone up or being nasty to someone else. She’s had a few pops at Nessa and Leanne recently, so she’s not all sweetness and light! But there’ll always be something that Tracy has to fight about. It’ll be interesting to see how she makes Carla pay.

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