In the Flesh director: After Bafta win, BBC3 may have to change their mind over axe

Has In the Flesh's Bafta win shown that the channel's move in 2015 is a bad idea? Its director certainly thinks so...

After its Bafta win for Best Mini Series, BBC3 zombie drama In the Flesh may end up persuading BBC bosses to change their minds over the channel’s axe, says director Jonny Campbell. 


The show, which focuses around a zombie which has been reformed and reintegrated into society years after a zombie apocalypse, has been praised as one of BBC3’s most mature commissions. It’s written by first-time TV writer, Dominic Mitchell. 

Speaking after picking up their award, the director was asked for his stance on the channel being moved online in 2015. 

“They may have to change their mind,” he said. “BBC3 gave an opportunity to a first time writer to do a show that was a bit out there… and it ended up on this stage.”

He added that while online can work, he didn’t think that the move was being done for artistic reasons. 

“There are things like House of Cards and Breaking Bad… one can be really positive about [moving online] as long as budgets are there. One got the feeling, though, that [with BBC3] going online it was because of a budget cut.”


Earlier this year, Mitchell himself told the Independent on Sunday that, “Whatever happens, I hope BBC3 will continue to take risks and make bold television. The BBC as a whole owes it to young audiences … and not-so-young audiences.”