Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

6-10 May: Chris meets Indi for the first time, Sasha supports a scared Rosie, while Dex tells April it's over

Monday 6 May


Maddy is embracing the training for surf lifesaving and enjoying the bonding time with Alf. Spencer returns with Chris. Harvey is still suss on Chris, who seems intent on sticking around. Maddy worries that Spencer is withdrawn and keeping something from her. Harvey and Maddy feel like Spencer is avoiding them. Harvey flatly asks Chris the real reason why he’s here – he’s causing problems between Maddy and Spencer. When Maddy and Spencer finally talk he reveals that he’s thinking about returning home. And he wants her to come with him.

Indi throws herself into work, while Sid tries to temper her extreme decision making. Casey comes to the gym to see where his position is at, and Indi tells him he’s no longer needed. Casey’s extremely upset and Sid explains that Romeo has taken off after his cancer diagnosis. Casey tries to reach out toIndi, but she’s defensive, believing Casey knew that Romeo was leaving. Finally she agrees to give Casey his job. Dex is worried about Indi, but Casey is looking out for her at the gym.

When Indi snaps at Casey Dex cautions her that he’s not being fair. Indi concedes that Casey’s good with customers and Casey helps Chris. Chris clocks Indi and decides to chat her up – Indi is suddenly thrust into the realisation that she’s now single. She unpacks a poster of her and Romeo that they were going to hang on the wall and is thrown. She asks Casey to borrow Brax’s ute and he helps her get rid of Romeo’s stuff. Sid tries to stop her, but Indi is overcome with anger that her father knew that Romeo was sick and kept it from her. Dex tries to get Indi to keep some of his stuff so that she can remember him fondly, but she reveals that every item of Romeo’s throws her into agony.

Tuesday 7 May

Maddy needs to think about whether or not she can return home with Spencer. He won’t leave unless Maddy does too, but Maddy wants to stay in the Bay and Roo and Harvey say they’ll support her, no matter the outcome. Chris tries to get Spencer to leave without Maddy, but he resists. Harvey lays down the law with Chris – why is he putting so much pressure on Spencer? Roo and he could help. Chris rebuffs him, he’s not interested. Maddy makes it clear to Spencer that the move has to be his decision. Spencer tells Chris he doesn’t want to move back home and that Maddy is the most important thing in his life. Chris is unhappy about his decision.

April makes it clear to Dex that she’s willing to do anything to secure their future together, even if that means give him more space. Dex admits to April that he kissed Steph. He feels terrible telling April about it, but she says that they weren’t together and he didn’t do anything wrong, although she’s clearly devastated. At the farm house later on Steph shows up to hang out with Dex and watch a TV show. April has come to the conclusion that the break isn’t working for them, and that Dex revealing he kissed another girl was a step forward. Irene disagrees. It seems the breaks’ working pretty well for Dex – but April’s determined to get Dex back. Meanwhile, Dex and Steph are getting steamy and sleep together. Unfortunately April shows up to surprise Dex. She tells Dex she wants to be with him, but is hurt and humiliated when it’s clear what Dex has been up to with Steph. April’s devastated, and Dex tells her they need to accept that they’re over.

Natalie and Zac have a super awkward run in with Brax at the beach. Zac gets a call from Gina about the possibility of a job. Brax and Natalie decide they can be friends, but it looks like Brax might have a tough time overcoming his feelings. Natalie talks to Brax about Ricky, and he reveals he’s never been friends with an ex before. Zac sees them interacting and asks if Natalie is cool with Brax being interested in someone else. She’s amused he even has to ask. It’s clear Zac and Natalie are in a good place. Off the back of Natalie’s advice Brax tracks down Ricky. She gets him to do the impossible – relax enough to get a photo taken. It seems Ricky brings out a playfulness in Brax we haven’t seen before.

Wednesday 8 May

Brax and Ricky are enjoying each other’s company. Whilst having coffee they run into Zac and Natalie. Heath doesn’t believe that Ricky and Brax are actually going to stay together. Meanwhile, Ricky asks Brax if he’s ever been close to walking down the aisle – clearly thinking of Charlie Brax deflects by trying to engage Ricky in sex. But Ricky maintains that they had a one night stand – that means one night, but Brax is able to convince her. Afterwards Ricky leaves quickly, leaving Brax pondering her distance.

Ricky picks up that Natalie is Brax’s ex. Bianca is proud of Heath for going to counselling. She believes this is the best chance he’ll have to get Darcy back. Heath reveals that Connie has agreed to let Darcy visit. Bianca’s making a cake in preparation of Darcy’s arrival. Irene, amused, helps Bianca. But Heath walks in, inconsolable – Connie has reneged on her offer of letting Darcy visit. He tries to work out his anger and frustration at the gym, but he feels helpless. Later, Bianca comforts Heath, but he feels he’s pretending to be someone he’s not.

Zac goes to Gina who asks him to write a letter of remorse to help him get a job. Zac reveals he would not have done anything differently. His time in gaol he feels has equipped him with an understanding of what it’s like to be scared and alone as a teenager, and will make him a better teacher. Gina’s impressed, and offers to write a letter of recommendation.

Rosie’s frightened of returning to school after her rape. She doesn’t want to face Mullens. At school Mullens verbally attacks Rosie and Sasha defends her. Gina tries to put a stop to his bullying, but Sasha feels it’s not enough – she wants Mullens out of school. Natalie tells Sasha she can’t count on him being arrested – it’s difficult in a lot of date rape cases. Mullens maintains that Rosie’s lying. Later, Mullens crows that the police have dropped the charges, leaving Rosie feeling alone. He humiliates Rosie by asking her on another date in front of other students. Angry, Sasha punches Mullens in the face.

Thursday 9 May

John tries to talk to Jett about respecting women, but confuses him with a touch football analogy. Tamara asks them what’s up, and Jett reveals Sasha punched out Mullens. Tamara’s impressed, but when she runs into Kyle she avoids him. Later, Rosie and Sasha reveal to Tamara that Rosie was raped by Mullens. Tamara is angry that the police aren’t doing anything and tracks down Mullens. When she tells Kyle what’s happened he guesses Tamara’s thinking about Nelson. Kyle decides to tell Mullens to back off, and he scares Mullens so much that he drops the charges against Sasha and moves schools. Tamara is angry when she hears what Kyle did – she doesn’t want to owe him. She tells Sasha and Rosie that Mullens is changing schools and dropping charges against Sasha. Rosie is relieved that she doesn’t have to see him every day and Tamara realises what a good thing Kyle has done. When she thanks him later Kyle misunderstands and kisses her. Shocked, Tamara flees.

Heath is still angry with Connie, but after chatting to John he makes a decision. Rushing to the High School Heath tells Bianca that he’s going to call Connie and organise a meeting. Connie comes over and starts looking for problems. She’s already defensive, but Heath controls his temper and tries to show her how hard he’s going to work to prove that he can work with her to look after Darcy. They reveal that Heath’s been seeing a counsellor and give Connie the paperwork to prove it. It seems Connie’s impressed with the way he’s making changes. However, Heath later receives a reverse charge call from Darcy who tells Heath they’re at the airport – Connie is moving interstate and taking Darcy with her. Devastated, Heath realises that he doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on to get Darcy back. Connie saw Heath doing well and freaked out.

During Sasha’s suspension she and Rosie are trying to relax away from Mullens and the rest of the school. Their peace is shattered when Sasha is asked to go down to the police station to talk about her alleged assault of Mullens.

Jett overhears John talking on the phone to Gina about a problem with the adoption and is convinced it’s not going to go through. Gina reveals that the DOCS have queried John’s health following a heart attack. He has to do a full medical. Jett tries to put on a brave face.

Friday 10 May

Still shocked after Kyle’s kiss, Tamara rushes to the Gym to see Casey, however, decides not to tell him. When seeing each other in at the Braxton’s house, Brax clocks Tamara and Kyle’s awkward attempt at avoidance. Later, Tamara goes to see Kyle to ask him where he gets off trying to kiss her. Kyle still believes that Tamara has feelings for him, but she tells him that she is delusional. Brax reveals himself from the kitchen after hearing the whole thing. Brax has a stern word with Kyle, telling him that he better stop all this, but Kyle is not sure that he can. Not taking this as an excuse, Brax kicks Kyle out into a caravan. Telling Kyle that he can move back in after he proves that he is worthy of being a Braxton. In the meantime Tamara tells Casey about the kiss, assuring him that the situation is under control. Casey’s is irate, but Tamara pleads with him not to do anything stupid.

Jett is still upset after John’s medical history has stalled his adoption process. Marilyn feels for Jett, opening up to Alf about having a dream about a boy being taken away from his parents. Being realistic, Alf explains to Marilyn that the DOCS rules are in place to protect the children. John is reluctant to go and see Sid to get a medical report, afraid that it might not mean good news. He tells Alf, that a bad medical report might make DOCS review their fostering situation as well, so John thinks it might be best to forget the whole thing. Jett reveals to Gina that he feels like he’s responsible to John’s heart problems because of all the stress he causes him. Gina assures him that this isn’t the case but Jett isn’t so sure.


April lends her support to Indi, asking how she’s coping, but Indi doesn’t want to talk. April makes the comparison of how she felt when Dex was in hospital which causes Indi to break. They were allowed to see Dex and were given information on his progress. She doesn’t have that. Romeo has taken that and Indi is heartbroken. Later, Indi asks Casey if when he was going to gaol, did he thing about running? Casey confirms, telling Indi that sometimes running feels like the best option. Sometimes it better to have the people you love hate you, rather than see you suffering and that Romeo did what he did because he loves her. Indi appreciates his honesty.