EastEnders spoilers: Sharon’s packing her bags after shock discovery about Phil – pictures

Sharon left speechless after she learns the Walford hardman was behind bar attack, but will she really leave?

Sharon looks set to wave goodbye to Walford after learning Phil Mitchell was behind the attack on their bar that left her hospitalised. 


Of course, Sharon has had no idea Phil had intended the break in to be a way to scare her into hiring security for the venue. It all went drastically wrong when the hired heavies misunderstood Phil’s instructions and brutally attached her. Of course Phil’s devastated that she was so badly hurt, but he’s been keeping his involvement to himself.

But, things never stay secret for long in EastEnders and the shock of finding out what Phil has done seems like it could see Sharon flee Albert Square once more. 

However, before she hops in the back of a taxi, Sharon turns to Linda Carter for some advice.


Can Linda convince her to stay?