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All 41 Eurovision 2020 acts that should have performed - their songs and entries

The singers will be celebrated on Saturday night's Eurovision: Shine a Light

Published: Friday, 15th May 2020 at 5:00 pm

We feel so sorry for the acts lined up to appear on Eurovision 2020. They were ready to perform on the biggest stage in the world, and ended up staying at home in their pyjamas with a takeaway and broken dreams.


Eurovision fans are an excellent bunch though, and we won't let these singers be forgotten.

All 41 acts will get a moment in the spotlight on Saturday night as participating countries will broadcast Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light, a special non-competitive tribute to this year's event.

Of course, now that we have semi-finals in the run up to the big event, not all 41 songs would have made it to Saturday night. But they are all getting recognised as part of this event.

Here's the full list of the acts who missed out on a Eurovision performance.

Albania - Arilena Ara performing 'Fall from the Sky'

Armenia - Athena Manoukian performing 'Chains on You'

Australia - Montaigne performing 'Don’t Break Me'

Austria - Vincent Bueno performing 'Alive'

Azerbaijan - Efendi performing 'Cleopatra'

Belarus - VAL performing 'Da Vidna'

Belgium - Hooverphonic performing 'Release Me'

Bulgaria - Victoria performing 'Tears Getting Sober'

Croatia - Damir Kedžo performing 'Divlji Vjetre'

Cyprus - Sandro performing 'Running'

Czech Republic - Benny Cristo performing 'Kemama'

Denmark - Ben & Tan performing 'Yes'

Estonia - Uku Suviste performing 'What Love Is'

Finland - Aksel Kankaanranta performing 'Looking Back'

France - Tom Leeb performing 'The Best in Me'

Georgia - Tornike Kipiani performing 'Take Me as I Am'

Germany - Ben Dolic performing 'Violent Thing'

Greece - Stefania performing 'SUPERG!RL'

Iceland - Daði & Gagnamagnið performing 'Think About Things'

Ireland - Lesley Roy performing 'Story of My Life'

Israel - Eden Alene performing 'Feker Libi'

Italy - Diodato performing 'Fai Rumore'

Latvia - Samanta Tīna performing 'Still Breathing'

Lithuania - The Roop performing 'On Fire'

Malta - Destiny Chukunyere performing 'All My Love'

Moldova - Natalia Gordienko performing 'Prison'

The Netherlands - Jeangu Macrooy performing 'Grow'

North Macedonia - Vasil performing 'YOU'

Norway - Ulrikke performing 'Attention'

Poland - Alicja performing 'Empires'

Portugal - Elisa performing 'Medo de Sentir'

Romania - Roxen performing 'Alcohol You'

Russia - Little Big performing 'UNO'

San Marino - Senhit performing 'Freaky!'

Serbia - Hurricane performing 'Hasta la Vista'

Slovenia - Ana Soklič performing 'Voda'

Spain - Blas Cantó performing 'Universo'

Sweden - The Mamas performing 'Move'

Switzerland - Gjon’s Tears performing 'Répondez-moi'

Ukraine - Go_A performing 'Solovey'

United Kingdom - James Newman performing My Last Breath

Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light airs on BBC1 at 8pm. To find out what else is on, check out our TV Guide.


Eurovision Come Together also airs on Saturday 16th May at 6.25pm with classic Eurovision acts performing. While you wait for Eurovision 2021 check out the full list of Eurovision winners, the Eurovision 2020 acts.


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