Who is Armenia’s Eurovision 2020 entry? Meet Athena Manoukian who will sing Chains On You

The Greek singer was due to represent Armenia this year

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Quite new to the Eurovision Song Contest, Armenia had only participated in the competition 13 times prior to the 2019 show.


Their highest placing in the competition was fourth place, which the nation achieved on two occasions – first in 2008 with the song “Qélé, Qélé” performed by Sirusho and then again in 2014 with the song “Not Alone” performed by Aram Mp3.

Up until this point, Armenia had failed to qualify to the final on three occasions in 2011, 2018 and 2019.

This year they were hoping to get to the finals with Athena Manoukian – a 25-year-old Greek-Armenian popstar – after qualifying for the 2020 contest, before it was cancelled following the coronavirus pandemic.

But, what set Athena aside from the rest? Here’s everything you need to know about the young star…

Who is representing Armenia at the Eurovision 2o20? And what’s the song?

Athena is a singer/songwriter from Greece. She had her first taste of music in 2007 when she participated in and won first prize at a talent contest called This Is What’s Missing, an international TV show production of Alpha Television Network Greece.

She’s since participated in the 2008 Junior Euriovision Song Contest,  released various singles and in 2018, even auditioned for the UK X Factor.

She was due to perform her song Chains On You, which she co-wrote with DJ Paco.


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