Watch the epic first trailer for War & Peace starring Lily James and James Norton

BBC adaption will be shown later this year

People obsess about the length of War & Peace. It’s like complimenting the Mona Lisa for its frame. Nevertheless, it’s annoying for those of us who read Tolstoy’s novel back in school* to see this impressive trailer for the upcoming BBC adaptation.


First the Radio 4 version, now this epic starring Lily James, James Norton, Paul Dano, Gillian Anderson, Jim Broadbent, Rebecca Front and about 100 other name-brand actors. Frankly it’s cheating, boiling the immense Napoleonic romance from over 1,000 pages to just six episodes.

Yes, the programme looks to be a must watch, and the book is still a must read, but it’s fundamentally not fair. In the days before Kindles, that book was so heavy it broke the straps of my satchel. 

War & Peace will air on BBC One later this year, and in America in 2016

*My terrifying English teacher promised she would bake chocolate cake if someone in her class read the novel. I did, but she didn’t.

I hate her to this day. 

Not just for that.


We had history.