Kit Harington says his latest Game of Thrones battle scene is the hardest thing he’s filmed

"It’s so CGI-heavy it’s unlike anything I’ve ever done on Thrones," said the actor, whose character Jon Snow comes under attack in episode eight...

Kit Harington has said that tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones contains the toughest thing he’s ever done on the show. 


In one of the most cinematic moments in the HBO series so far, Jon Snow is involved in a huge battle with 400 extras and 50 stuntmen – a scene that proved seriously hard work for both Harington and his character.

“It was three to four weeks of shooting for a sequence that should add up to [more than] 20 minutes,” Harington said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “We shot less than a minute a day! It’s so CGI-heavy it’s unlike anything I’ve ever done on Thrones. I’ve always been proud of the way Thrones doesn’t go overboard with special effects, but in this sequence they had too. I think it’s going to be spectacular.”

“Every fight I would shoot three times,” Harington said. “First against a man in a [greenscreen-projectable suit], the second with man who’s not in a green suit, but has full-on makeup to look like a dead person, and the third time I would just fight [without an oppoent, striking open air]. It gave them the option of using whichever way looked the best. [The Battle of Castle Black in] episode 9 last year was the hardest thing I’ve done. This was twice as hard as that. It was exhausting.” 

Harington added: “If this was a classic narrative, then this is the point in Game of Thrones where everything is at its darkest, where nothing seems like it can go right and all is lost – that’s the point where we’re at with episode 8.” 


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