If you're reading this, chances are you've seen the rumblings online that seem to point towards the existence of a Netflix series based on Nintendo's beloved The Legend of Zelda games.


So, you might be wondering, is this the real deal? Will there really be a Zelda Netflix series? And if so, who will star in it? Could a major Hollywood star like Tom Holland step into the role of Link?

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If you've been plagued by any of those questions, or just want to know what's going on, keep on reading and we'll get to the truth of this chat about a Zelda Netflix series.

Why is there so much talk of a Zelda Netflix series?

The recent hype about a potential Netflix series based on The Legend of Zelda seems to stem from Dan Leveille, a digital artist working at DeviantArt who has used AI technology to create a series of stunning posters for the show.

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It's worth noting that this is strictly fan art based on fan casting choices, as opposed to anything official from Netflix or Nintendo. But still, as you can see below, it's pretty cool stuff to behold.

Leveille's visually impressive fan art casts Spider-Man star Tom Holland as Link, alongside Emma Watson as Zelda, with supporting roles played by Idris Elba, Maisie Williams, Sadie Sink, Jameela Jamil, Danny DeVito, Meryl Streep, Steve Buscemi and Gemma Chan. If that was the cast of a Zelda show, or any TV series, it would be one highly impressive ensemble!

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Will there really be a Zelda Netflix series?

There is slightly more truth to this story than you might be expecting! Back in 2015, The Wall Street Journal reported that Netflix had a Zelda series "in the works".

According to the WSJ's report, Netflix was "in the early stages of developing a live action series" based on Zelda, and the streaming service was seeking writers to work on the show.

The tone envisioned for the project was said to be "Game of Thrones for a family audience", which certainly sounds like an exciting project, but Nintendo declined to comment on that original report.

The report noted all those years ago: "As it is still seeking a writer to work on the series, Netflix has a long road to travel before a Legend of Zelda series actually becomes a reality. It’s also possible that Netflix or Nintendo will kill the project before it gets off the ground."

Jump forward more than seven years and there still hasn't been a formal announcement of the project, hence why fans are taking matters into their own hands with fan casting and eye-catching unofficial artwork.

In terms of Nintendo adaptations, the Super Mario Bros movie is the next big one, so perhaps the performance of that title will improve the chances of Zelda being adapted in future.

Certainly, recent hits like Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and League of Legends: Arcane have helped make a case for game-inspired content on Netflix, along with The Witcher series (which is technically based on the books, but the games certainly benefited as well).

That's not to mention The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the upcoming sequel to the beloved Breath of the Wild game, which will definitely put Zelda on the pop culture map in a big way, perhaps prompting Netflix to try again with an adaptation.

For now, the Zelda Netflix series does not seem to be happening in a hurry. But if that changes in the future, we'll be sure to let you know!

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